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Where you see or hear details about off-campus access and authentication for library resources it is usually referring to the steps required to ‘Login’ to the resource (article, ejournal, ebook, etc.).

However, the login steps often vary slightly for each publisher or provider. At the Library we try to make each login as similar as possible and below is a general guide to some of the more common login steps required: 

  1. Check that Keele University Library has access to the relevant article, ejournal or ebook via Library Search or reading list etc. *if you sign into Library Search it will make the ejournal login even easier.

    Library Search off-campus example

  2. Choose one of the full-text options - if the article is available from more than one provider, you will be offered a choice.
  3. When accessing the article via Library Search, you’ll only have to login once using your Keele login (or not at all if you are already signed into Library Search)
    Keele off-campus login screen
  4. However, sometimes you will be taken directly to the journal article page and need to sign-in using the journal login link. This can vary but in general click on ‘Login/Sign-in’ and always choose ‘Institutional’ or ‘Shibboleth’ login. Ignore generic password boxes and don't choose ‘OpenAthens’ – example below:
     Wiley login off-campus example

  5. If required select: UK Federation/Higher Education from the options provided.
  6. Then select: Keele University
  7. You should now be presented with the standard Keele login box. Login and look for the pdf icon or full-text link to access the article.
  8. Watch these short videos to help with off campus logins to our resources
  9. Still not working? Send details of the article you're trying to access to or the library eresources team – if you can include details of the article, a screenshot of the error and url/address bar, and a description of the problems you had, it'll help us to resolve any problem quickly.
NHS Athens accounts

NHS Athens accounts are provided via the Health Library and are only available to NHS staff.

For a guide on using ebooks and each of our main ebook providers see our ebooks help page.

Many of our print books are also available to access online as ebooks. When searching Libary Search look out for the 'Available online' which indicates your ebook access options. Ebooks are provided on a variety of platforms, our main providers being VLeBooks, EBSCOhost and Ebook Central, but you will see access from other providers too, with some ebooks being available from more than one supplier. The Library usually purchases a set amount of licenses for each ebook for your use, in the same way a number of print copies are purchased, so when accessing an ebook you may see that all available copies are currently in use. Most providers allow you to 'reserve' access to copy and notify you when the next copy becomes available.

E-textbooks are also becoming more prevalent and differ to ebooks in that they are specific titles subscribed to annually by the University for the use of a small specific cohort of students. They are usually only available to the specified students they are licensed for and will not appear on Library Search. You are likely to be given access to these by your School rather than the Library.