Research Centres

Economics and Management

The Centre for Economics and Management offers a lively and active environment for research in economics and management.




Humanities is made up of English and Creative Writing, History and Music and Music Technology



Law, Ethics and Society (CLES)

The Research Centre for Law, Ethics and Society (CLES) brings together Keele’s ethicists and legal academics



Social Policy

The Centre for Social Policy includes social scientists working in all three faculties within the University. The Centre brings together a number of research active groups


RC-SPIRE has a lively research-oriented culture with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration. RC-SPIRE is the organisation that supports research carried out by members of the School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy

David Bruce Centre

The Centre is an internationally recognized centre for the study of the United States. It is funded by a substantial endowment which provides financial assistance to active researchers, supports seminars, conferences, colloquia, occasional lectures and small exhibits, and encourages postgraduate study by means of scholarships and research grants.

Centre for Social Gerontology

The Centre's work on the social analysis of ageing reflects the importance of diversity through all phases of the life course. Adopting interdisciplinary perspectives, our research focuses on areas such as family and kinship, women and ageing, social inclusion and exclusion, inter-generational relationships, and the social policy of later life.

Community Animation and Social Innovation Centre (CASIC)

The Centre for Community Animation and Social Innovation is rooted in Keele University’s tradition of multi and trans-disciplinary research and its commitment to community engagement as reflected in the Strategic Plan. The Centre builds on existing relations with the award-winning New Vic Theatre, with which Keele developed a specific methodology of knowledge co-creation and of community engagement, entitled ‘Cultural Animation’.