Visiting Research Fellowship

Keele University awards Honorary/Visiting academic titles to persons of appropriate academic standing who are not members of the academic staff, but who are associated with and willing to contribute to the work of its academic developments.  Academics at other institutions wishing to undertake independent research within the Faculty, which is similar to that which is already undertaken within the Faculty and to take part in the academic life of Keele University, are welcome to apply for a Visiting Research Fellowship. The Faculty welcomes requests from individual scholars who wish to spend periods of up to one year in the first instance in the Faculty pursuing research, but without registering for a formal academic qualification.

Applications should be made to one of the Faculty's schools:

The Fellowship is designed for those scholars who wish to focus on a specific research area, and is not suitable for those who simply want to gain general experience of the UK education system.  We value the contribution our Visiting International Scholars make to Keele's research community.

This guidance gives information and instructions for visiting researchers wishing to organise research fellowships at Keele University under the title ‘Visiting Research Fellow’. If your application is successful, you will have the opportunity to visit Keele as an independent scholar, for a period of time, to work on your research.

Please follow these guidelines to complete your application:

  1. To work as a Visiting Research Fellow at Keele you will need a sponsor. This person will act as your host during your visit and must be an employee of Keele.  They will ensure that your research is tied into our research within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Keele, in an active way.  If you do not yet have a sponsor, identity and contact a suitable academic at Keele to act in this role. Please do this before completing the application form.

  2. When you have identified an academic at Keele who is willing to be your sponsor and is happy to support your application, please download the Visiting Research Fellowship application form.  Complete the relevant ‘applicant’ sections (pages 1 & 2), making sure to include the dates of your visit and sponsor/proposer details.

  3. Complete a CV.  An example can be found at the end of the application form.

  4. Complete the IT Account Registration Form.  This will give you library access and an e-mail address, should your application be successful. 

  5. Should your application be successful, you will be entitled to collect a Keele card from the IT desk in the University library.  This will provide library access, as well as discounts in campus cafes/restaurants (the card is provided free of charge, on arrival at Keele).

  6. Please return all documents (application form, CV and IT Account Registration Form) to the relevant school/school manager listed below.

  7. Please note that all forms require an actual signature.  Documents can either be scanned and sent via email or returned by post. Postal addresses can be found on the relevant school's website. If you have any queries regarding the process contact the relevant school manager.
Keele University is required to ensure that all our international visitors hold a visa which is appropriate for the purpose of their visit to the UK. If your application is successful, you may require a Standard Visitor Visa. Members of the European Economic Area (EEA) should not require a visa to visit the UK. We advise you to research your route into the UK, with support from your own University. If you need assistance from Keele University regarding your visa, once your invitation letter has been issued, please contact our Human Resources department who will advise if they can help you. No correspondence from Keele University other than where specified, should be used in support of a visa application.
Further information on visa requirements can be found here:
Further details on eligibility requirements and the application process can be found on the Home Office website

A fee of £150 per month is payable to Keele University for the duration of your visit. Visits of periods shorter than one month are considered, and charged at £150 per month pro rata. The fee entitles the Scholar to:

  • Keele card, which enables access to University staff and student facilities;
  • Access to Information Services (including libraries) and to computer and printing facilities;
  • A Keele e-mail address;
  • Contact with your sponsor, who will be a member of the HUMSS Faculty academic staff;
  • Attendance at general seminars and open lectures;
  • Potential to host a seminar within the Faculty and present research findings to staff and students before the visit ends;

The fee is payable upon arrival. If additional resources or inputs are required by the Scholar, then the above fee may be increased.

A hot-desk will be provided in our dedicated Visiting/Honorary Research Fellows Office; alternatively, scholars are entitled to use the plentiful space in the University Library, which opens 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

If your fellowship is approved and you are looking for accommodation during your stay, the Student Accommodation Office can provide information and advice, and will make bookings.  Contact Julie Best, Student Accommodation Manager by phone: +44 1782 734150 or email.

University living accommodation is limited, particularly for periods of less than one semester. The accommodation office at Keele University may be able to provide limited advice on where to find appropriate private accommodation or reasonable bed-and-breakfast hotels, however responsibility for arranging accommodation will lie with the Scholar.