Current Students 2023/24

It’s that time again, to apply for your accommodation for the next academic year. We’ll be sending you updates and information, so please remember to check your emails regularly, (including your SPAM and junk mail), so you don’t miss the application deadline. If the deadline date is missed you may not get accommodation on campus.

Are you eligible to apply?

Priority for accommodation is given to the groups below, but an application must be made between 30 January and 3 February 2023:

  • Full-time Postgraduate students
  • Any student with a disability or health issue (supported by Disability Services)
  • Students who are care leavers or estranged from their families
  • Students going into second year studying medicine
  • Students undertaking a 4 year course (including the Foundation Year and Pharmacy) and proceeding to second year of study
  • Students whose family home is outside of the UK (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man)
  • Students going into final year of study and your family home is within the UK

We will not be inviting applications from continuing students who do not meet our eligibility criteria for the academic year 2023-24. 

Applications for on-campus accommodation are made via the Accommodation portal.

  • Applications from 30 January to 3 February 2023

To apply, please access the Accommodation portal.

Group Applications

A great way to make sure that you are going to get along with your housemates is to apply as a group with your friends.

The Shared Flats & Houses in Barnes Hall are 4 bedrooms that share a bathroom and kitchen. If you have 3 friends who also want to live on campus next year, apply to live together using the using the Friend’s Details section on the application form. Please see more information below.

Timeline for 2023/24 applications


Application process

30 January

Applications open

3 February

Applications close

14 February

Accommodation offers to be emailed

17 February

Deadline for accommodation offers to be accepted

20 February

Confirmation of whether a second round of applicants will happen 

27 February

Potential second round of applications open (Not available for 2023/24)

3 March

Potential second round of applications close (Not available for 2023/24)

14 March

Potential second round of accommodation offers to be emailed (Not available for 2023/24)

17 March

Potential second round deadline for accommodation offers to be accepted (Not available for 2023/24)

31 August

Deadline for paying £150 deposit and £300 part payment towards the first instalment of your accommodation fees

16 & 17 September

Moving in weekend

Check out our different room types and accommodation fees.  Take a look at our virtual tours, which show the specific types of rooms. Remember to also check kitchen and bathroom sharing ratios within the different halls.  We recommend that you choose 3 different room types/halls – your choices should be different, or you may not get any of your preferences.

A great way to make sure you get along with your housemates.

All room types will be available for you to apply for, but we’ll be limited to how many of each room type we can offer you as a returning student. This includes the number of ensuite rooms that will be available, so why not think about getting together with your friends and applying as a group for one of our shared flats and houses?

For example, the Shared Flats & Houses in Barnes Hall have 4 bedrooms that share a bathroom and kitchen. If you have either 1 or 3 friends who also want to live on campus next year, apply to live together using the using the Friend’s Details section on the application form.

If you are interested in applying as a group here’s some more information:

We will assume if you apply as part of a group that your priority is to live in the same block or flat as your friends.

All applicants need to be eligible to apply in the same round.  We cannot guarantee to place you with friends who apply at a different time.

Group applications are limited to a maximum of 4 students. You can apply as a group of 2 or 3 if you wish but if you are a group of 3 you will not be offered Barnes shared flats.

All group members must submit an online application.  

Please choose a distinctive group name that is simple and original, and ensure all group members use this same group name on their application, so be careful with the spelling, as our system will only pick up those in the same name group.  

If you are applying as a mixed gender group, it may not be possible to accommodate males and females in the same block or floor. 

If you have a health issue that impacts your accommodation needs and you are not already registered with Disability Support, please contact them as soon as possible.  You will need to provide supporting medical evidence with a diagnosis of your condition. You can book an appointment or email Disability Support who will be able to check your requirements and, if needed, support your application for accommodation.  If you are already supported for your accommodation by the Disability Support team, you do not need to contact them or renew this.  However, you can still contact them if you have any questions or would like confirmation.  You will still need to submit an application for campus accommodation when applications open. 

Students with outstanding accommodation fees will not be able to apply for accommodation. Please ensure you do not have any outstanding accommodation debts and all your fees are paid and up to date.  You can check your fees on the Finance section of eVision.

If you have any concerns, please speak to the Income Office about a payment plan.

If you are offered accommodation and subsequently encounter financial difficulties, you will be expected to clear outstanding amounts due by the end of June. If this happens, you must discuss the situation with the Student Accommodation Manager. Failure to do this may result in us issuing notice to cancel the accommodation agreement.

If you are a current final year undergraduate applying for a postgraduate course you will apply for accommodation as a new postgraduate student rather than a continuing undergraduate student.  Once you have accepted your course offer you will be sent a link to the online application.  The deadline to apply is 30 June and the allocation process is the same as for new postgraduate students.

You have priority for accommodation as long as you apply by the given deadline - if you fail to do so we can't guarantee to offer you a room.

If you are planning to study abroad next year, for either the 1st semester or the full year, please don’t apply for accommodation now.

The 41 week occupancy period that you will require is not available on the application.  You should still submit an application, but also email us to confirm you are looking for 41 week accommodation. 

If you are planning to stay on campus for summer 2024 you may want to apply for a 51-week occupancy period. This will mean that you will not have to move rooms for the summer. This option is not available if you are in your final year of an undergraduate course. 

Applications are made via the Accommodation Portal.

  • Applications for 2023-24 - 30 January to 3 February 2023
  • Potential second round applications for 2023-24 - 27 February to 3 March 2023

To apply, please access the Accommodation portal.

We will use your Keele email address for any correspondence. We will send mailings from  address. Please do set this address as a ‘safe sender’ to avoid losing important information from us into your spam folder.

We will respond to your application; if we make you an offer, you will have 3 days to decide whether you want to accept it, beginning the day after you receive it.

If you apply by 3 February, you will receive details of the offer by 14 February.

Not available for 2023/24

If we offer a second round of applications and you apply by 3 March, you will receive details of the offer by 14 March.

If we are able to make you an offer on 14 March, you would have 3 days to accept this.

Please remember that once you accept your accommodation contract you are legally bound to pay all fees.

Once the Agreement is accepted you have a 7 day 'cooling-off period'. This means that if within 7 working days of accepting the Agreement you change your mind and notify us by email of that fact, you will be released from the Agreement. The contract is legally binding and if you change your mind you will still be liable for accommodation fees. You can only be released from the contract in exceptional circumstances such as taking a Leave of Absence or Withdrawing from the University. You may transfer your licence to another student as long as the transfer is done with the knowledge and prior written approval of the University Student Accommodation team. The new licensee should be a suitable replacement which means that the balance of genders and nationalities is not adversely affected within the accommodation.

If you accept our offer of accommodation, you will need to pay £450 by 31 August 2023. This payment consists of a £150 room deposit that is refundable when you leave (less any charges for damage) and a £300 advance payment which will be deducted from your first instalment of accommodation fees.

Find off campus property adverts at This site is run by the Student Accommodation team and advertises the properties of individual private landlords as well as several private Student Halls which are similar to on campus blocks. It is updated regularly and includes recent property reviews and has a message board to help arrange suitable house shares.