Nursing and Midwifery Accommodation

Where possible we accommodate Nursing and Midwifery students together for the first year due to course requirements and possible shifts. This is usually in clusters or on corridors within a block of mature or postgraudate students who require the same occupancy period.

Accommodation is allocated according to the number of students requiring accommodation and it isn't always possible to have dedicated blocks for Nursing & Midwifery students.

The Keele University Campus is located approximately 3.5 miles from the Hospital Site. Nursing and Midwifery students can apply for a campus car parking permit. Alternatively students can get from the campus to the Hospital site using the 25 bus route.

We provide rooms on a 51 week occupancy period for Nursing & Midwifery students.‌ 

For 2022/23 the room types available for Nursing & Midwifery students are

For 2023/24 the room types available for Nursing & Midwifery students are

Please see here for the accommodation dates and fees.

Priority is given to students requiring accommodation for 51 weeks. Accommodation on lesser occupancy periods may be available, depending on availability but would predominately be in undergraduate blocks​. Students requiring an alternative occupancy period should discuss this with the Student Accommodation team​, but should note that we are unable to guarantee accommodation for them.​

For more information please contact us.

Properties for rent in the local area is a website which is managed by Keele University Student Accommodation team and advertises properties in the local area that are available for Keele students. This website includes photos and location maps, as well as property details and prices.

Landlords are not able to advertise on this website unless they are accredited by a local or UK-wide landlord accreditation scheme and provide evidence of current valid gas, electrical safety, and energy performance certificates. Whilst we endeavour to list properties of a reasonable standard The Student Accommodation Office cannot inspect, and therefore approve, any private sector rented properties. Consequently any agreement made is ultimately between the individual and the landlord, and is your responsibility.

For more help and advice about living off campus please see our Living Off Campus section.