Request a room move

In the event that you are not happy with your current student accommodation, it is possible to request a room move.

We know that there are always a few students who either don’t arrive or who decide that halls aren’t quite right for them. So, if suitable rooms become available, we try to move students who have requested room move.

Priority is given if:

  • You have registered a disability or health issue with Disability Support & Inclusion
  • You have support for the room move from one of the specialist teams within Student Services 
  • A Residential Life Manager requests you be moved

When a room becomes available, we will:

  • Check to see who is next on the list (depending on the type of room requested), priority etc
  • Contact you via email to say that a room has become available and give you a deadline to reply to us
  • Arrange for you to view the room
  • Ask if you wish to accept or decline the room
  • Terminate any current contract you have with Keele University, issue a contract for your new room and raise fees if you accept. Please note if you have a contract with a private landlord - it is legally binding and you may not be able to cancel that contract
  • Remove your name from the Room Move List

In some circumstances, where we are not able to offer you a room move to an empty room, we may be able to offer you a room exchange/swap with another student that has also requested a room move.

How to request a room move

If you would like to request a room move you can do this our Accommodation Portal using the request a room move button shown below:

There may be circumstances where you have committed to staying in our accommodation but for you no longer wish to occupy the room. It may be possible to transfer your licence to another student.


If your room move request is successful, then we would advise you take a look at Moving Out for a list of things to do before you move. This includes disposing of any unwanted food, leaving your room clean and tidy and checking you’ve packed everything (amongst other things). We’d also recommend you take a picture of your bedroom and communal living space just before you leave to prevent you from being charged for any damage that occurs after you’ve moved out. For futher information about damage charges.