Room exchange/swap

In the event that you are not happy with your current student accommodation, it is possible to exchange/swap rooms with another student.

Some students find that they would like to exchange/swap rooms with another student they have met.  This could be to be closer to a friend, to up/downgrade or for another reason.

To ensure you have considered the swap carefully, a room swap between two students can only take place after a few weeks of teaching have been completed 

  • Room swaps for semester 1 are allowed on or after 31 October
  • Room swaps for semester 2 are allowed on or after 14 February

We will authorise a room swap if:

  • Neither student has an outstanding debt to the University
  • The gender balance and cultural mix is maintained within the accommodation

When a room swap is authorised

  • We will contact you via email to offer a room swap to you and ask if you wish to accept or decline the swap
  • If you have not seen the room we are offering, you will need to make arrangements with the other student to view the room before deciding whether to swap
  • The Halls Cleaning team offer to clean the rooms and there is a fee of £11.15 per student if you take up this service (subject to availability)
  • Decide on a date to exchange keys and notify the Student Accommodation team
  • If you accept the swap, we will terminate any current contract you have with Keele University, issue a new contract for your new room and raise the fees