Transfer your licence to another student

There may be circumstances where you have committed to staying in our accommodation but for whatever reason you no longer wish to occupy the room.

Your licence agreement is legally binding and if the 7 working day cooling off period has been reached you are liable to pay the full fees for the room, however if you are able to find a suitable replacement to take your room we will allow you to transfer your licence to another student.

A suitable replacement must be authorised by the Student Accommodation team and is someone who

  • Does not have a contract for University accommodation for the same dates as your contract
  • Is a full time student at Keele
  • Does not have any outstanding debt owed to the university
  • Maintains the gender balance and cultural mix is within the accommodation

You can advertise for a suitable replacement on the message board.

If your replacement is living in private accommodation within the local area, they are already committed to a legally binding contract with their private landlord and may not be able to cancel that contract. They should seek advice from the Advice and Support at Keele SU before agreeing to the licence transfer for your accommodation.

When a licence transfer is authorised

  • We will contact the suitable replacement via email to offer the room and ask if they wish to accept or decline the room
  • If they have not seen the room we are offering, we can help to make arrangements to view the room before deciding whether to accept

If they accept the room

  • We will issue a new contract for the room from a date agreed between you both, in your replacements name and raise fees to them. If they accept the contract, they become liable for the accommodation fees for the remainder of the contract
  • Following their 7 working day cooling off period, we will terminate your contract with Keele University from their contract start date and you will be liable to pay fees up until that termination date