Welcome to the website of the 3ME Initiative, an inter-disciplinary project to develop collaborative research in Modelling Methods for Medical Engineering.

The 3ME Initiativewas conceived in 2006 as a result of a successful grant application to the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council the previous year,  involving biomedical engineers and mathematicians working together on a stem cell manipulation project. Crucial to its success is the numerical simulation and mathematical modelling of the solid and fluid mechanics problems that arise in the laboratory experiments.

Looking around in Keele it was apparent that there were state-of-the-art modelling and imaging techniques being developed in other fields that were very valuable to current medical engineering projects. The application of these techniques to real biomedical problems would also be of tremendous value to the modellers and there were many parallels to be explored in using imaging in diverse applications. As a result, members from the recently formed Keele Research Institutes, Science & Technology in Medicine (ISTM), and Environment, Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics (EPSAM), came together to propose to propose and unusual collaborative partnership, spanning biomedicine, mathematics and geophysics.

The 3ME Initiative brings together three well established Keele research groups:

The Institute for Science & Technology in Medicine (ISTM), including the Cellular & Neural Engineering group led by Prof Alicia El Haj and the Imaging & Diagnostics group led by Prof Jon Dobson, other members include Prof Sally Roberts, Dr Isaac Liu, Dr Sarah Cartmell, and Dr Jan-Herman Kuiper.

The Mathematical Modelling Group in EPSAM comprises Prof Graham Rogerson, Prof Yibin Fu, Dr Shailesh Naire and associated research staff who employ mathematical modelling including asymptotic and numerical techniques to solve problems related to industrial processes, biology and human physiology. This group enjoys an RAE 5 rating and an international profile, having become increasingly interested in emerging areas such as stem cells and cell engineering.

The Applied and Environmental Geophysics Research Group, also in EPSAM, includes Professor Peter Styles, Dr Ian Stimpson, Dr Nigel Cassidy Dr Jamie Pringle, Dr Sam Toon,  and a range of research staff who offer ultra-high resolution geophysical techniques and numerical modelling in Environmental, Geodynamic, Hydrocarbon and Archaeological areas. Expertise covers fuel cells, clean energy, biomass utilisation, pollution control, waste management, green chemistry, clean and innovative utilisation of coal, involving academic and commercial links throughout the world. They have extensive expertise in the imaging of a parameter space, using techniques that transcend disciplines and can equally well be applied from geological to human bodies.

The 3ME Initiative also seeks industrial partners who may wish to be involved in its activities as collaborators and participants in the various events.

For details of events already held by the 3ME Initiative please go to Previous News and Events.

3ME Initiative is funded by EPSRC and Keele University