Education and Philosophy 

(2018 Entry)

BA (Hons)

Education and Philosophy make the ideal combination if you’re interested in the philosophical basis of education and the moral and ethical aspects of ideas, policy and learning.

Combined Honours
Study abroad
Learn a language
International year
3 years/ 4 years with international year

UCAS code: VX53

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Course Overview

If you choose this combination, you will study educational topics such as the nature of learning, the history of education, and policies and practices that aim to promote justice and equality. Our Philosophy programme will provide you with a grounding in the core areas of the discipline, and enable you to explore a range of contemporary ideological issues.


You will study educational topics such as the nature of learning, the history of education, and the changes to political thinking about its purpose. Philosophy topics will explore central themes such as moral philosophy, epistemology and political philosophy, considering key philosophical problems and the various solutions proposed. You’ll enhance your logical and critical thinking skills, developing the use of sound arguments while detecting fallacies and other argumentative weaknesses.

What will this mean for my future?

Philosophy provides a superb grounding in understanding the way people think and approach problems. You will possess highly developed skills in critical thinking and exploring multiple approaches to problem solving, both of which are highly prized by employers. You could pursue a he range of careers, or continue to further study. You might go into education, the law, finance, government, publishing, the media or the arts or banking, for example.

Indicative modules

First year

  • Back to the Future: Issues in the history of schooling 
  • Too Poor to Learn: Poverty, education and social policy 
  • Education in Britain 
  • Environmental Ethics 
  • Ten Problems of Philosophy 
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Moral Philosophy

Second year

  • Education Matters: Contemporary issues and debates in education 
  • Environmental Politics and Policy 
  • Issues in Public Education 
  • Freedom and Equality 
  • The Pursuit of the Good 
  • Philosophy of Mind 
  • Epistemology and Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Science

Third year

  • Dissertation 
  • Race, Politics and Education 
  • Educating for Global Citizenship 
  • The Making of Professionals
  • Education, Work, Identity
  • Higher Education
  • Philosophy of Art
  • Rorty and the Mirror of Nature