What's a Resident Adviser?

Resident Advisers (RAs) are a team of full-time Keele Students who live in Halls of Residence to help provide information and support to the 3000+ students who call Keele campus their home. The team help to create a positive academic and social environment. As well as leading on campaigns and events, they will also be able to provide you with welfare support all through the evening/night - so if you find yourself in a difficult situation and would like to get in touch, call the Security hotline - +44 (0)1782 733004 - and ask if you can speak to an RA.


Intro to the team

Hi, I'm Nyssa, the Residence Support Coordinator.

My role is to provide you with support during your time living in Keele University accommodation. I do this by managing the RAs and also leading on residence-related drop ins. You can come to the Student Services Centre during any of the drop in times to speak to me about any issues you might be having, such as feeling homesick, falling out with your housemates or something else.The Resident Advisers are also here to help you, and you can find out more about them below.

In my spare time, I am a volunteer with Oxfam and attend music festivals up and down the country supporting their work (and having a good time!). I also have a bucket list and try to complete one thing from it each year... some of the things I’ve done so far include running a marathon, milking a cow, visiting Chernobyl and walking on hot coals!

Contact me here and find out more about this year's RAs below. Interested in becoming an RA yourself? Let us know.

Meet the team

Ore RA 2019  

Hi guys, I’m Ore, a third-year Pharmacy student. This is my first year as an RA and I’m excited to meet you all. Feel free to stop me for a chat whenever you see me around.

 Michelle RA 2019

Hi, I'm Michelle, a second year medical student and I'm really excited to be an RA for Barnes this year. I'm most excited to get to know everyone and help organise fun things for students to do, to make your Uni experience as exciting as it can be. I love meeting new people so if you have any questions or just want a chat, come and say hi! 

 Grace RA 2019

Hi! I’m Grace, 3rd year Biology student, team captain of the Keele panthers and a lover of travel! Always keen for a good movie and a cup of tea. Feel free to say hello! 


Hi everyone, I'm Fai, one of the Barnes RA's. I'm in my 3rd year of Pharmacy and I'm very excited to meet all of you new Barnes students. If you see me around Barnes, feel free to stop me and ask any questions you might have! :) 

 Ilaf RA 2019

Hi, I'm Ilaf and I'm from Birmingham. I'm currently in my last year of study at Keele and I understand that moving out and living away from home can be difficult. Myself and the rest of the RAs are here to make the transition into University (and into the UK for some of you) a little bit easier and hopefully create some fun and funny memories along the way. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help or advice.


Hello, I’m Chalsea and I’m a Pharmacy student and part of the Resident Adviser team based in Barnes. I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns about living in halls or university life. Looking forward to meeting you all and I hope that you enjoy your time at Keele!

 Elizabeth RA 2019

HI, my name is Elizabeth and I’m a 3rd year Pharmacy student, feel free to have a chat with me anytime you see me around, or ask any questions if you have any.


Hey guys, I'm Phoebe and this is my second year of being an RA. I look forward to meeting you all and making sure you have the best time whilst, living here on campus. Please feel free to ask me any questions or just to come and say hi! :)

 Abigail RA 2019

Hii, my name is Abigail. I’m a third year student in Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Business. I believe that I am compassionate, caring and committed which is why I am one of your new RAs. I am also the leader of Jesus Jam fellowship which is based in the chapel on Thursday evenings. I’m here as a friendly face whenever you need help. I look forward to meeting all of you new residents of Barnes.

 Kate RA 2019

Hi I'm Kate, this is my second year at Keele and I am studying Medicine. In my spare time I enjoy long distance running and often take part in half marathon races, I also enjoy a take away with friends and seeing my family. I think I'm pretty friendly, so any problems or anything you'd like to see going on in your halls, let me know!


Hi I’m Whitney, I am a Medical student at Keele and I am a Resident Adviser for Barnes accommodation. Throughout my time at Keele I have always enjoyed staying at Barnes and I hope you do too. Do let me know if you need help with anything to help enjoy your stay at Keele.

 Amit RA 2019

Hi! I'm Amit and I study Biochemistry, and I'll be one of your RAs for New Barnes. The team and I will be working hard throughout the year to make you guys feel supported whilst away from home, so if you've got any questions, concerns, or just fancy a chat, feel free to say hi and ask away! I look forward to meeting you all!

 Shannon RA 2019

Hi all, my name is Shannon and I’ll be your RA for 2019-20! I’m 24 and am completing my second degree in Medicine at Keele! Can’t wait to meet you all soon.

 Sarah RA 2019

Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m in my fifth year here at Keele. I completed a science foundation year and am now in the final year of my Master of Chemistry degree. Having spent the past 4 years at Keele I know the campus and its facilities really well. If you’re ever feeling lost or not sure who to speak to feel free to stop me if you see me around campus to ask me any questions you might have or even just to have a chat. I’ll always be happy to help (even when I’m looking super stressed in the library)! :)


Hello all, my name is Marieanne and I will be your RA in Holly Cross and The Oaks Halls of residence. I am also a student here at Keele, pursuing a PhD in Law. I am really looking forward to welcoming you all to the halls :-)


Hi, my name is Johnathon. I will be one of the Resident Advisers for Holly Cross and The Oaks. Currently, I am doing my final year in Biochemistry. This will be my second year of doing the job, so feel free to ask me questions about accommodation or the University.

 Gabrielle RA 2019

Hello! My name is Gabrielle and I am just about to start my 3rd year studying Pharmacy. This will be my second year as an RA and I am really looking forward to meeting the new and existing students that will be living at Holly Cross and Oaks. I really enjoyed my first year as an RA and I am excited to see what I can bring to the hall this year. I love talking to people and I am always around if you need any help...just give me a shout! I hope you settle in well and enjoy your time at Keele.


My name is Conor and I'll be one of your Resident Advisers this year in Holly Cross and the Oaks. I'll be here to offer support and advice to help make the transition to university life as smooth as possible and I aim to help make your time at Keele as enjoyable and memorable as it can be. Feel free to stop and chat if you see me around.

 Alex RA 2019 200x200

Hello everyone! My name is Alex and I am fourth year PhD student. I will be a member of the RA team for Holly Cross/the Oaks for 2019-2020 and I’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you like. I’m very much looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

 Jordann RA 2019 200x200

Hello everyone, my name is Jordann and I am a Masters student studying History. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you all in the coming year.

RA 2018 Andrea  

Hi I’m Andrea and I’m here to help wherever I can to ensure you have a very smooth transition into halls life. I’m very excited to see you all and please feel free to approach me in case of anything. I’m generally not the funniest person but I will definitely try to make all interactions as lively and fun as I can. I will be updating you on different activities and events in freshers’ week and throughout the year. I will also be checking on residents occasionally to make sure everything is alright. Welcome to Keele and I hope you have a lovely time here. 

 RA 2019 Mike

I'm Mike, I'm 28 and classed as a mature student, but since I'm slightly older it means any issues you may have, I probably have some experience with and will try my best to help. I enjoy driving and learning new skills, of which I try to learn everything. I enjoy watching documentaries, and TV shows such as Friends.

 Harsh RA 2019

Hi guys, I'm Harsh. I'm a 2nd year Biomedical Science student and one of your RAs for Horwood this year! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all enjoying the Keele community lifestyle. If you have any questions then feel free to ask me whenever you see me!

 Tariro RA 2019

Hi my name is Tariro I am a second year Medical student, I understand how overwhelming moving into and living in student halls can be. As your Resident Adviser I am here to help and be a listening ear. I can also point you in the direction of services that you may need. But I'm also here if you would like to have a chat or if you need help adjusting to your new student life. I look forward to meeting you all, I’m sure your time in Horwood will be amazing. 

 Aliyah RA 2019

Hi I’m Aliyah and I’ll be one of the RAs for Horwood halls this year. I’m going to my 4th year in Chemistry! Feel free to come talk to me about any issues you might be facing in your time at Keele. 

 Stephen RA 2019

Hi guys, my name is Stephen and I'm a 2nd year Medical student who has previously finished a Chemistry degree at Leicester. Doing my 2nd degree, I know how great uni can be and I'm hoping to help as many of you as possible to settle in. So If you're reading this right now, chat to as many people as possible because they're all just waiting for someone to do so. 

Elliott RA 2019  

Hello! I'm Elliott and one of the RAs for Lindsay hall. It's my 5th year at Keele, after doing a Science foundation year and masters in Chemistry. Feel free to ask me questions or just grab me for a chat.

 Katie RA 2019

Hello everyone, I'm Katie! I’m really excited to meet all you Lindsay lot, and help you settle in. I hope to be viewed as a friendly face round campus that will happily talk about any issues you may have. You’re most likely to find me in a coffee shop, the library (3rd year fun), or the kitchen, nurturing my heavy food obsession. 

 Eloise RA 2019

Hi I’m Eloise, I have been at Keele for 4 years studying Medicine and about to start my Masters. I am very excited to meet you all and hope you all have a great year! You’ll probably find me in the library or on the netball courts! Feel free to come talk to me about anything, always up for a good chat!

 Cate RA 2019

Hi everyone! My name's Cate, I'm 19, and I'm going into my second year studying Education. I love sport (in particular gymnastics and trampolining), alternative/punk music and socialising with friends. I found moving Keele quite daunting as I come from small town that hardly anyone knows, so living in halls took some adjusting. With that in my mind, if you've got any questions or queries about any aspect of university life, please come and have a chat with me. I look forward to meeting you in September! 

 Hudaifah RA 2019

Hi, I'm Hudaifah I am studying Pharmacy and I'm in my final year, I enjoy travelling, swimming and football, I am also a student ambassador and have lived on and off campus for the past three years. So if you have any questions or concerns about the University, local amenities or societies don't hesitate to contact me.

 Raeven RA 2019

Hi, I'm Raeven, a postgraduate student here at Keele. I'm looking forward to being an RA for Lindsay Hall! 

 Millie RA 2019

Hi everyone, I am Millie. I study Biomedical Science and it's my third year in Keele (I was on the foundation year too!).This is my second year as an RA and I really look forward to meeting you all. Feel free to approach and ask ALL the questions you have and I'll do my best to help. Hope to see you around!