During assessment periods we want to make sure that you receive the support you need what can be a very stressful time for students. Our Exam Plus support bring you tips and activities to help you to stay calm, keep healthy and achieve your potential.

Take a look at the schedule and resources below to find out what's on offer.

ActivityDetailsDate and TimeFurther Information
Be...Box Collection

Request the collection of an activity box from the Student Services Centre every Monday and Thursday. Our activity boxes contain the following items:

Be Creative:
Contains items for cross stitch, crochet, card making and origami.

Be Entertained:
Contains a range of games including card games and and a jigsaw.

Be Active:
Contains basic sports equipment including table tennis, bean bags, resistance bands and a hula hoop.

Mondays and Thursdays 2pm - 4pm Be...Box Request
Lunch and Learn

Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? It’s where you do 25 minutes working, have a 5-minute break, then repeat. This Wellbeing Wednesday session is simply that, join in and let's help each other study together.

The countdown timer will be on a shared screen so all that’s left to do is decide what work you want to do. This technique is said to reduce procrastination, boost productivity and give you some break times to get you through! If you’ve never tried it before, why not give it a go!

Wednesday 12th May 2pm - 3pm

Wellbeing Wednesday Session


Aboriginal Art Rock Painting

Do you want to learn about the symbols in aboriginal art dot paintings? And rock paint with meaning too?

Pick up a rock painting pack and instructions from the Student Services Centre to take a relaxing break from your studies, and learn something new in the process!

Friday 14th May 12pm - 1pm Collect from Student Services Centre
Tote Bag Decorating

Create your own personally-designed reusable tote bag.

Pick up the materials and instructions from the Student Services Centre.

Monday 17th May 11am - 12pm Collect from Student Services Centre
Digital Escape Room

Wonderland - LIVE! Digital Library Escape Room

"When you're racing against time, sometimes the only thing you can do is follow the White Rabbit to... Wonderland."

Celebrate the easing of lockdown and take a break from your revision by putting together a team and joining your GamesMaster, Scott Chesworth, on Microsoft Teams to try to break free of the latest digital Library Escape Room from Escape [to] the Library.

Take a look at The Guide before playing to discover what you can expect from a digital Library Escape Room. You'll need the solutions to the teaser puzzles for the game!

Sound good? Then book your team in on the booking form.

You can also run the game in your own time - ideal for an evening of indoor fun with friends! Just contact Scott for the link: s.chesworth@keele.ac.uk

Monday 17th - Friday 21st May

90 min time slots from 9am to 5pm

Escape Room Booking Form
Active Keele on Tour

Active Keele is bringing the sports to you, so you can have some downtime during the assessment period. Sports on offer include table tennis, badminton, spike ball and bowls.

Sessions will take place across each Halls of Residence:

Monday 17th May: Barnes

Tuesday 18th May: Lindsay

Monday 24th May: Holly Cross and Oaks

Tuesday 25th May: Horwood

Monday 17th - Tuesday 25th May 12pm and 1pm Active Keele on Tour Booking Form


Learn the basics of karate in this virtual beginner's session.

The session will be hosted on the Wellbeing Wednesdays Microsoft Team.

Wednesday 19th May Wellbeing Wednesdays

Did you know that origami is good for your wellbeing? Well neither did we!

In Japan, origami is a popular art form that is commonly integrated into the curriculum for children in elementary school to help them develop patience and spatial skills as well as enhance memory and concentration. So join this session to get creative! 

Wednesday 26th May 2pm-3pm Wellbeing Wednesdays
Mental Health and Wellbeing

You can access a number of self-care mental health resources from the counselling and mental health service as well as bookable virtual appointments. Our Start to Success team have also developed guidance on looking after your wellbeing, particularly in the face of coronavirus restrictions.

Managing Academic Stress

It's normal to feel increased stress during the assessment period, but there are still steps you can take to help to reduce your concerns and help you to reach your potential. Watch this video for some helpful tips to help you manage stress.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing is a helpful practice that can be particularly beneficial to help to reduce stress. Take a look at this demonstration video and try to incorporate mindful breathing when you are experiencing academic stress.


Origami is always a popular activity to take some time out from your studies and try your hand at something creative. Here’s Niall from the Chapel giving you a step by step instruction for making your own origami crane. All you need is a piece of paper!

Social Distancing Activities

During the assessment period it's important to take time away from your studies to relax. Take a look at our handy guide with lots of activities that you can try out despite the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

Healthy Eating

It can be tempting to slip out of healthy eating habits during a busy assessment period and rely on takeaways and convenience food. But it's really important to eat a balanced range of healthy food to help you to stay energised. Take a look at some quick, easy and healthy meals.

Digital Geo-Hunt

For a campus walk with a difference, use this resource to explore campus and solve the clues to the various locations. Paper copies are available for you to pick up around campus in the following locations:

  • The Sty Common Room
  • Barnes Laundrette
  • The Hexagon Common Room
  • Lindsay Laundrette
  • The Cross Common Room
  • Oaks A Block Informal Learning Space
  • Holly Cross and Oaks Laundrette
  • Horwood Laundrette
Mindful Walk

For a break from studying, take a look at Sport Keele’s guidance for taking a mindful walk:

1. Set aside 5-10 minutes of your day.

2. Head into the garden, or do as part of your daily exercise. You could also do this in the house but make sure you turn all electronic devices off.

3. Focus on the feeling of the ground under your feet. How does it feel? Which parts of your feet feel pressure as you walk? Do you put your toes or heels down first?

4. Pick three things that you can see and, in turn, take a moment to think about them. How big is it? How did it get there?

5. Do as above for three things you can hear and one you can smell. Also consider the temperature, can you feel the sun on your skin?

6. If you find yourself getting distracted, just come back to the movement of your feet, one foot in front of the other.

Bullet Journalling

A bullet journal can be a great way of helping you to get organised. The start of the assessment period is a great time to think about your academic targets, and record these in a creative way. Take a look at this video to get started.

Library Support

Just because the Library building is currently closed doesn't mean our Librarian staff aren’t still available to help, contact them with all your Library Services and Resource questions.

Academic Librarians are here to help Monday - Friday 9am-5pm. You can chat to them via phone, email or video call.

Julie Beard
Liaison Librarian: Computing and Maths, Geography, Geology & the Environment, Life Sciences

Scott Chesworth
Research Support Librarian and Liaison Librarian: Chemical & Physical Sciences, Psychology and Foundation Year

Steve Parton
Liaison Librarian: Medicine and Health Sciences

Jane Shaw
Liaison Librarian: Keele Business School, Law, Languages and Social, Political and Global Studies j.shaw2@keele.ac.uk

Claire Smith
Liaison Librarian: School of Humanities, Harper and Keele Veterinary School

Study Skills Resource Collection

There are lots of resources from the library to support you during the assessment period. While you may not be able to browse the physical shelfs at at the moment, you can take a look at what's available here and reserve online.

Academic Support

There is lots of additional academic support available from KIITE, with guides available on organising your studies, reading and research, planning and writing, and deliving presentations.

Write Direction

If you’re struggling with your assessments at the moment, whether it’s not knowing how to structure an essay, or finishing off a lab report, don’t forget that the Student Learning team is still available for support.

You can arrange a virtual Write Direction appointment which will take place over email or audio or video chat. Head to their website to book in.