Novel approach identifies unique DNA signature

Posted on 13 July 2015 In exciting new work published in the prestigious journal Epigenomics, researchers in the Research Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine (ISTM) and at the Haywood Rheumatology Centre, have for the first time identified disease-associated changes to the DNA epigenome in joint fluid cells from patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

MAGNEURON project attracts €¾ million award

Posted on 30 November 2015 New funding aims to tackle neurodegenerative diseases, using innovative cell replacement therapies.
Facility time  

National and international facility time for Keele astronomers

Posted on 09 November 2015 Keele project awarded 9.68 million CPU-hours over three years.
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ESRC Seminar Series successes

Posted on 20 October 2015 School of Law successes in the prestigious ESRC Seminar Series programme.
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Development of In Vitro Dermal Absorption Test

Posted on 13 October 2015 A review of the development of the OECD 428 in vitro (non-animal) test guideline has been published in a prestigious journal.
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Novel biomarker approach predicts patient outcome in bladder cancer

Posted on 06 October 2015 Cutting edge technology used to identify changes in bladder cancer.
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International facility time for Keele astronomers

Posted on 05 August 2015 Keele PhD student Steven Goldman has been awarded observing time with the
Australia Telescope Compact Array radio interferometre.
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Wellcome Trust Biomedical Vacation Scholarships

Posted on 04 August 2015 Keele has been awarded three Biomedical Vacation Scholarships by the Wellcome Trust.

Aluminium: A new factor in the decline of bee populations?

Posted on 30 June 2015 A new scientific study has found high amounts of aluminium contamination in bees, questioning whether it is playing a role in the decline of bumblebee populations
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PhD student wins rehabilitation research prize

Posted on 29 June 2015 Cameron Lindsay, a PhD student, has been awarded the Verna Wright Prize for 2015 from the Society for Research in Rehabilitation.
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Keele experts win funding to research new energy source for Cheshire East

Posted on 13 January 2015 Dr Nigel Cassidy and Professor Peter Styles (School of Physical and Geographical Sciences) have been awarded funding from The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to investigate whether Cheshire East could generate long-term, renewable energy from deep geothermal power.
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Keele research hits the national news

Posted on 13 January 2015 A recent ESRC-funded research project on alcohol Consumption, life course transitions and health in later life featured on the front page of The Times on Christmas Eve. The research was also reported in The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail (Including Scottish and Irish Editions), Mail Online, The Sunday Times, Scottish and Irish editions of The Times and the Chicago Chronicle.
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Keele research group's work published in prestigious journal

Posted on 19 January 2015 Work from the Apoptosis Research Group has recently been published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications.

New research centre approved

Posted on 19 January 2015 The University Research Committee has approved the creation of a new Research Centre. The Centre for Community Animation and Social Innovation is rooted in Keele's tradition of multi and trans-disciplinary research and its commitment to community engagement agenda.
the winds from supermassive black holes at the centre of galaxies blow outward in all directions and can affect the star formation history of the host  

Keele astrophysicists in discovery of black holes winds' shape and power

Posted on 23 February 2015 Keele astronomers have discovered that the winds from supermassive black holes at the centre of galaxies blow outward in all directions and can affect the star formation history of the host, a suspected phenomenon that had been difficult to prove before now.
Solar system  

Keele planet discoveries on Horizon

Posted on 16 March 2015 BBC2's flagship science programme, Horizon, dedicated last week's episode to 'Secrets of the Solar System', explaining how the discovery and understanding of extra-solar planets had led directly to improvements in our understanding of our own Solar system
BBC History project  

BBC History reports on Keele project

Posted on 23 March 2015 This month's copy of BBC History, Britain's bestselling history magazine with a circulation of nearly 90,000, carries an article which reports on one of Keele's collaborative research projects, an online edition of the medieval Gascon Rolls.
REF 2014  

Significant increase in Research funding for Keele

Posted on 15 April 2015 Keele's strong performance in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) was further confirmed this week with the announcement of the first research funding allocations based on results of the REF by HEFCE
Black Hole  

Black hole winds pull the plug on star formation

Posted on 15 April 2015 Observations of winds from a black hole that are capable of blowing gas out of a host galaxy reinforce the idea that black holes can control star formation in galaxies. The findings, reported in Nature this week by Dr James Reeves, astrophysics at Keele, as part of a study led by Dr Francesco Tombesi at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, USA, may help us to learn more about galaxy evolution.
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Research lecture in Dublin

Posted on 15 April 2015 Dr Matt O'Brien, Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, presented a research lecture at University College Dublin, entitled 'Diastereoselection on conformationally well-defined scaffolds'.

Volcano research in the news

Posted on 22 April 2015 Dr Ralf Gertisser marks the 200th anniversary of the largest volcanic eruption in recent historic times.

Researching next generation sequencing

Posted on 28 May 2015 Dr Daniel Tonge, new Lecturer in Biosciences, is researching the application and development of next generation sequencing and bioinformatic techniques.
Sue Sherman  

Cervical cancer research hits national headlines

Posted on 15 June 2015 Research published by Dr Sue Sherman in the British Medical Journal hit the headlines in the national and regional media.