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Description for 2017/18

Why is writing essays so important at university? What's the ‘right' way to write them? Should I give my opinion? How can I be
sure I'm not plagiarising? How do I get started? This module will help you develop the key thinking, writing, researching and
referencing skills you will need for your degree studies, and help you gain confidence in your own ability to plan and write
university-level essays clearly and with purpose. Interactive lectures combine with small group practical sessions, individual
guidance and a wealth of online and additional resources to provide you with a step-by-step practical approach to essay
writing that students have described as 'essential to my success in other modules,' 'extremely helpful,' 'very useful... the content
was perfect' and 'well presented, with all the content I needed to improve my academic writing.'


This module aims to enhance students' abilities and confidence with the key thinking, planning, researching, writing, editing
and referencing skills needed for the preparation of degree-level essays in the humanities and social sciences. The structure
of the module and its assessments are designed to additionally assist students in building their skills in time management;
seeking and making use of feedback; collaborative working; dealing with conflicting information, ideas and data; independent,
critical thinking and analysis; self-reflection and autonomous learning.

Intended Learning Outcomes

write clearly and convincingly argued, well structured, coherent, articulate, purposeful essays in their own 'voice,' in a style conforming to academic conventions: 1,2,3,4
interpret and address set essay questions
: 1,2,3
present, develop, support and defend an argument in their essays
: 1,2,3,4
select and incorporate relevant, authoritative source material into their essays, making appropriate use of
paraphrasing, direct quotation and citation: 1,2,3
avoid plagiarism in their work: 1,2,3,4
acknowledge and evaluate opposing or conflicting information, ideas and data: 1,2,3,4
take a critical approach to information, ideas and data and identify and avoid common logical fallacies; think and
express themselves in a critical and analytical style: 1,2,3,4
develop and be able to discuss and defend an essay plan, and propose and implement any necessary revisions to
the plan
: 1,2,3,4
cite and reference source material using the Harvard System of Referencing: 1,2,3
compile an annotated bibliography: 1,3

Study hours

Lectures: 9 hours
Seminars: 5 hours
Essay planning and feedback tutorials (individual): 1 hour (average)
Private independent study: 135 hours (including preparation of weekly assignments and essays)

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

001: Portfolio weighted 30% (minimum mark of 40 required on this assessment)
Weekly Portfolio Tasks/Worksheets (8)
Each 'portfolio task' focusses on an essay-preparation micro-skill introduced in the weekly lecture, for example, referencing and citation, writing a thesis statement, editing written work, ensuring essay cohesion. Portfolio tasks are begun in the weekly tutorial sessions, completed at home and reviewed as needed in the following week's tutorial.

002: Essay weighted 25% (minimum mark of 40 required on this assessment)
1,000-word essay
1,000-word essay (+/- 10%) on a cross-disciplinary or non discipline-specific topic set by the tutor. Essay question and resources provided. Essay plan must be prepared and approved in advance of submission.

003: Essay weighted 35% (minimum mark of 40 required on this assessment)
1,200-word essay
1,200-word essay (+/- 10%) on a cross-disciplinary or non discipline-specific topic set by the tutor. Essay question and resources provided. Submission must include annotated bibliography of 3 potential additional sources. Individual feedback meeting on Essay 1 must be arranged and essay plan for current essay must be prepared and approved in advance of submission.

004: Practical Assessment weighted 10% (minimum mark of 40 required on this assessment)
Engagement, preparation and participation in class sessions
Engagement in, preparation for and participation in all lecture, group and individual tutorial sessions, to which students are expected to arrive on time. Group tutorials are practical workshop-style sessions and students are expected to come to session prepared and participate as appropriate in all exercises and activities. Lectures are interactive and students are expected to be attentive, engage in notetaking and small group discussion and participate as appropriate. Students are given responsibility for using the module's online booking system to arrange individual tutorial meetings for essay planning and feedback and are expected to come to these fully prepared and to re-arrange sessions if necessary and arrange follow-up meetings if needed.

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