Keele in Top 15 universities in England that excel at both teaching and research

Keele ranks in a ‘Golden Quadrangle’ of the top 15 universities in England that excel in both teaching and research, all with a Gold award in the 2023 Teaching Excellence Framework and also high research intensity in the most-recent Research Excellence Framework.

1 University of Oxford
2 University of Cambridge
3 Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
4 University of Lancaster
5 University of Exeter
6 The University of Bath
7 Loughborough University
8 University of York
9 The University of Warwick
10 The University of Leicester
11 The University of Liverpool
12 Aston University
13 University of Keele
14 University of Huddersfield
15 University of Plymouth

(Ranking of broad-based English universities that currently hold a TEF Gold award and that also have a high intensity-weighted grade point average in the 2021 REF)

The benefit to our students

Studying at a university that is excellent at both teaching and research is important, regardless of whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate. Here’s why:

At Keele, our global research directly informs our curriculum, and the attributes that our students graduate with

You’ll study alongside world-leading researchers, who bring the latest thinking into their teaching, at all levels of study from the first year of undergraduate degrees through to postgraduate programmes

You’ll benefit from access to excellent research facilities and an environment of exciting knowledge generation

You’ll have opportunities to develop as academic experts, developing a love of your subject and the ability to apply it

You’ll gain valuable skills as independent and critical thinkers