Choice - Flexibility - Breadth

Education - see the bigger picture

Keele is a ‘dual intensity’ university in that it can demonstrate excellence in both education and research.

ILAS promotes ‘interdisciplinary’ education at Keele. This takes various forms. Many of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are deliberately designed to offer students an interdisciplinary learning experience and outcomes. A large number of undergraduate programmes enable students to take one of six Global Challenge Pathways throughout their time at Keele. These pathways bring students from different areas of the university together to discuss urgent current themes. We also provide a wide variety of Combined Honours undergraduate programmes which enable students to study two traditional subjects simultaneously. 

See our Chancellor, James Timpson, talking about interdisciplinary study options at Keele: click here.

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Why choose an interdisciplinary study option?

Traditional single subject programmes are ideal for many, but Keele has always prided itself on producing students who see the bigger picture.

We believe that interdisciplinary education readies Keele graduates to participate more effectively in our globalized and rapidly changing society, developing academic breadth and intellectual flexibility as well as a better awareness of the challenges which face our complex world. To know that the future is likely to be more and not less interdisciplinary is to see connections and recognize the importance of collaborating across different areas of knowledge and understanding.

The Keele approach to interdisciplinarity aims to develop synergies between research and education and to support different kinds of conversation – both between academics, and between students and academics.