Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences

ILAS promotes interdisciplinary education and research, both at Keele and beyond. For us, interdisciplinarity involves open and collaborative discussion of often challenging or contested areas of enquiry. The Keele approach to interdisciplinarity seeks to connect our research and education mission in new and exciting ways.

Our high-profile Global Challenge lecture programme makes interdisciplinary perspectives on urgent current topics available to students and staff. The programme is also available to members of the public, adding to Keele’s strong international profile.

Interdisciplinary openness is part of Keele’s history and remains key to our identity. As well as anchoring our interdisciplinary family of study options, ILAS provides spaces for students to explore ideas and approaches that disrupt traditional boundaries. We also support interdisciplinary research for staff and postgraduate students by hosting collaborative workshops and other events.

Whether we are thinking about education, research, or social life in general, the future is likely to be more interdisciplinary not less. ILAS aims to provide pathways to that future.

 Tim Lustig
 Director of ILAS
 Professor of Literary Studies

 See Tim's inaugural lecture here

Our 2023-24 Global Challenge lecture programme

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Playlist of conferences and lectures at ILAS

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