You'll need articles to include in your assignments, research and reflective practice. The links below will help you to identify and find articles.

Finding Articles

What is an article? - learn how to recognise and find academic articles

Evaluate search results - develop your skills to evaluate information quickly

Literature searching

When searching for articles all based on the same topic, this is often referred to as "literature searching". That is carrying out a systematic search of all the literature to find articles on a given topic. For more help on planning a literature search see:

Literature searching - this section will help you to develop a search strategy to find your articles.

Critical appraisal

When you have found the right articles, you'll need to ensure that they are of good quality, have valid results and are applicable to your topic. This is called critically appraising your article.

Critical appraisal tools - complete this tutorial to learn about the tools to help you to critically appraise articles.

Critical appraisal - this section provides links to external websites that will help you to critically appraise articles