NHS databases

Complete your literature search using NHS subscribed databases. Learn more about how to use the databases effectively and efficiently. You will need your NHS OpenAthens username / password to access these resources.

Start your literature search by running a quick search on the NHS Knowledge and Library Hub.

Run a quick search on Clinical Key (available to UHNM staff only)

Run a comprehensive search on the bibliographic databases.

Which database do you need?

A wealth of information is available via the range of specialist databases. Which databases do you need? Take a look at our interactive tutorial to find out which databases will give you the information you need.

Which NHS database do you need?

HEE provide the following help for expert searching:

Also check the help options below.

Ebsco Databases including Cinahl, Medline & Medline with fulltext

The following resources can help you to get to grips with searching on the Ebsco platform.

Ebsco UK YouTube channel - find demonstrations on how to search and use the features of the Ebsco databases.

Ebsco Connect - articles, videos, how-to steps to help you to learn more about the Ebsco databases. You may need to register with Ebsco Connect to access some of the tutorials. Start here:

Creating a basic search

Creating an advanced search

Advanced search in Cinahl on Ebsco

Finding UK articles in Cinahl

Citing articles in Cinahl on Ebsco

Ebsco Connect Learning Paths - learning objects gathered together for particular databases, such as cinalh and medline.

EbscoHost Research Databases Help - comprehensive help pages for Ebsco databases.

Introduction to Cinahl (943KB) - a key database for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals

Search Medline and Cinahl databases (357KB) - help sheet for getting started searching these key databases for all healthcare professionals

Information Skills for Health blog posts:

Log on to the Ebsco platform

Ovid Databases including Embase, Emcare, HMIC, Medline

Ovid Resource Centre - for training and support documentation

Ovid advanced searching

Ovid Search Builder / Pharmacovigilance Search builder Tool - this is a tool available on the Ovid native search interface which helps you to construct search strategies which include a wide range of filters or pre-determined terms.

Ovid Search Builder video - watch this video to see how you can use the search builder to build search strategies and get alerts.

Information Skills for Health blog posts:

Log in to the Ovid platform

ProQuest Databases including AMED, BNI, Medline, PsyArticles & PsychInfo

Training Support for NHS users - range of training support materials; start with:

Basic searching

Advanced searching

Information Skills for Health blog posts:

Log in to the Proquest platform