Disability and Accessibility Staff Network

The Disability & Accessibility Staff Network represents Academic and Professional Services staff. The network welcomes anyone who considers themselves to have a disability or a long-term chronic health condition, caring responsibilities for someone with a disability, specific learning needs, or are neurodiverse.

 The aims of the network are to:

  • Provide a safe, confidential, and supportive environment for sharing experiences, networking, and discussing and/or identifying challenges that affect members of staff across the University.
  • Create opportunities to raise awareness about disability, accessibility, and neurodiversity at work, with a specific focus on challenges that staff may face and how these can be positively addressed and resolved in the workplace.
  • Provide a platform via the network to discuss day-to-day issues around working with a disability, accessibility, or neurodiversity challenges, with the sight to support and empower staff in how to overcome them.
  • Work closely with the Human Resources Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion team to make recommendations that enhance inclusive policies and practice at the University.

It is expected that members of the network will maintain the confidentiality of membership and discussions and only use information in an agreed and constructive manner.

Should you wish to update your employment record and formally declare a disability, you can do so by logging onto Keele People through Employee Self Service (https://people.keele.ac.uk). You can update this information within the confidential / sensitive information section within your personal profile. Should you wish to record more than one disability, please record the first in ESS and then email the relevant HR administrative team with details of the disabilities and they will record the information on your behalf. 

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