Race equality lecture series


The lecture series 2021/22 is co-ordinated by Dr Shiva Sikdar (Keele Business School). Please contact us for any further information or to include a relevant event.


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3 November 2021

“Envisioning an Indigenous-Centered Eighteenth Century”, 

(part of the English Research Seminar series) 

Professor Laura Stevens, University of Tulsa, OK. 



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8 December 2021

‘When things made sense, when we were the good guys’: representing the white South in late-twentieth century American cinema 


Dr Megan Hunt (University of Edinburgh)  


David Bruce Centre


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16 February, 2022
'No Label: The limits of human categories'
ILAS Grand Challenges Lecture Series, 

Modern science has from its outset sought to categorise human groups and ascribe meaning to those categories, whether they be race, ethnicity, sex, or gender. But where has this endeavor failed, and what damage does it still do to accurate understandings of human variation? Science journalist Angela Saini explores the history of human labelling, and why researchers would benefit from thinking beyond fixed, discrete categories.
Angela Saini


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6 April 2022
Expert Witness? US Army Surgerons, Race and Sexual Violence in the Civil War
Dr Elizabeth Barnes (University of Reading)

Dvid Bruce Centre



4 May 2022
“Low Type Peons, Catholics and Communists”. Mexican Immigration and American Nativists' Attempts to Fortify the U.S. Border in the 1920s’.


Miguel Hernandez, University of Exeter

History Seminar Series


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4 May 2022


Commodifying Life: The Account Books of Austin & Laurens, Slave Factors in South Carolina, 1750-1758 

Commentator: Emeritus Prof. Richard Godden (University of California, Irvine) 


Dr Andrew Lawson (Leeds Beckett University)  

David Bruce Centre


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The Lecture Series 2020/21 is co-ordinated by Dr Shiva Sikdar (Keele Business School). Please contact us for any further information or to include a relevant event.

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4 November 2020 


Relationality as Decolonial Method: Reading Resistance Across Native American and South African Literatures Dr Rebecca Macklin, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities and Bruce Centre Research Fellow David Bruce Centre for American Studies

25 November 2020


'The film we've been waiting for': Audience, Emotion and Black Boyhood in Moonlight (2016) 

Dr Maria Flood, Keele University 


17 February 2021

Dismantling Reconstructin in Central Louisiana

David Ballantyne, Keele University 

2pm-3pm, MS Teams, History Seminar Series. 

24 February 2021

"Reading for Vulnerability: Children's Crisis Texts at the US-Mexico Border"

Dr Zalfa Feghali, University of Leicester

2:15pm, MS Teams, English Research Seminar Series

15 March 2021

Contemporary Medicine Dr Rana Hogarth, University of Illinois   5:30pm, MS Teams,

22 April 2021

Competing inequalities: gender, race and white privilege in higher education institutions in the UK.


Abstract: This lecture will explore research on the Race Equality and Athena Swan charters and argue that gender has taken precedence over race in policy making, resulting in a discourse of competing inequalities in higher education. 

Profressor Kalwant Bhopal, Professor of Education and Social Justice, and Director of the Centre for Research on Race and Education, University of Birmingham


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Recording is available  here


What works? Solutions to race and gender discrimination in STEM. Dr Udeni Salmon, University of Lincoln  


Race Equality Lecture Series 2019/2020

The Lecture Series 2019/2020 is co-ordinated by Dr Shiva Sikdar (Keele Management School). Please contact us for any futher information or to include a relevant event.

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9 October 2019, 18:00, Keele Hall Deeds not words: the story of women's rights, then and now Dr Helen Pankhurst ILAS Grand Challenges Lecture
16 October, 2019, 15:30, CBB0.030 The Migrant Mediterranean and the Boundaries of Europe: A Postwar History Michael Kozakowski, Keele University History Research Seminar Series 2019/20 All seminars are scheduled for 15:30 - 17:00, CBB0.030 (For further information, please contact a.d.kauders@keele.ac.uk)
30 January 2019, 13:00, Keele Hall Ballroom Eyes wide shut: does UK higher education care about racial justice? Dr Nicola Rollock ILAS Grand Challenges Lecture
11 February 2020, 18:15, Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building Shifting stories, same suspects? Media representations of Muslims: From Rushdie to the far right. Professor Elizabeth Poole, Keele University Keele Inaugural Lectures
19 February 2020, 15:15, David Bruce Centre, CBB1.030 'The Louisiana Writers' Project: Slavery, Race and French Creole Culture in the New Deal Era' Andrea Livesey, Liverpool John Moores University David Bruce Centre for American Studies
12 February 2020, CBA 1.077, 14:15 Silenced Deaths: Seeing Migrant Narratives through the Lens of Decoloniality" Professor Roger Bromley, University of Nottingham English Seminar Series
To be rescheduled Secularism, politics, religion and freedom Andrew Copson ILAS Grand Challenges Lecture
8 April 2020, TBC Racism and the Business School: where did it start and when will it end? Dr Udeni Salmon, University of Lincoln KBS Seminar Series
22 April 2020, CBA 1.030, 14:15 Unaccompanied Children and Reader-Archivists at the U.S.-Mexico Border Dr Zalfa Feghali, University of Leicester English Seminar Series
29 April 2020, CBB 1.030, 15:00 Negotiating race and caste: Indians in America and Americans in India in the 20th century Shalini Sharma, Keele University  
TBC The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination - The World as Viewed from Geneva Professor Patrick Thornberry, CMG

Keele IR 'Spotlight' series of lectures

Objectives of the Race Equality Lecture Series 2018/2019

To support a programme of activity that is run and owned by the three unions: UCU, NUS, and the KPA
To build on the success of the 2017/8 Race Equality Lecture series by exploring how anti-racism, in the form of decolonisation, can be implemented at Keele University
To hold one headline lecture which will be of broad appeal to the general public, as well as staff and students at the University of Keele

The Lecture Series 2018/2019 is coordinated by Dr Shiva Sikdar (Keele Management School) and Dr Awol Allo (School of Law). Please contact us for any futher information or to include a relevant event.

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17 October 2018, Dorothy Hodgkin Building, DH .051. 

How Do We Other?

Professor Peter Hegarty, University of Surrey


31 October 2018, 2.15pm,  David Bruce Centre, CBB1.03

Patriotism, Black Internationalism and the Second Red Scare

Nick Grant (University of East Anglia)

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28 November 28 2018, 5pm, Keele Hall

Grand Challenges Lecture Series

A Public Health Narrative for Anti-Discrimination Law

Professor Iyola Solanke, University of Leeds

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28 November 2018, 2.15pm,  David Bruce Centre, CBB1.03

“I’m Already in Hell”: West Tennessee Interracial Activism and the Grassroots Civil Rights Movement

Katherine Ballantyne (University of Birmingham and Bruce Centre Research Fellow)

13 February 2019, 12pm Keele Hall Ballroom

Stonewall's LGBT BAME Voices Documentary and Role Models Workshop

Keele LGBTI Staff Network

Event recording and

further information on Keele's Role Models and Allies programmes

27 February 2019, 2.15pm,  David Bruce Centre, CBB1.03

“An Experiment of Unusual Opportunity”: Medical Science and the Scopic in the Art of Ellen Gallaghe

Jennifer Terry (Durham University)

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27 February 2019, 1-2pm, Student's Union Foyer


"Racism in Universities: A Keele Response"

Panel discussion: Ahmed Elkady, Abbie Hampton, Shiva Sikdar and Sophia Taha


4 March 2019, 12:00PM, 

Chancellor’s Building, Moot room CBC2.027

International Women’s Day Guest-Speaker: Portraits of Women in Law: Why they matter for gender equality in law schools and the legal professions

 Dr Nikki Godden-Rasul, Newcastle University Law School

Click here to view:

Inspirational Women of the Law exhibition,

Newcastle Law School 

13 March 2019, 5.30-8.00pm, Salvin Room, Keele Hall

Lost Warrior: Film Screening and Discussion with Directors and Panel


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25 March 2019, 7.30pm, University Common Room, Keele Hall

Keele Hall Readings: Roy McFarlane

Roy McFarlane- Birmingham & Midland Institute’s Poet in Residence.

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8 May,

2:00 - 3:30pm,

Darwin, DW0.26

The effect of children on women's labour market choices: Evidence from India.

Barnali Basak (University of Sussex)


23 May 2019, 6.00-7.00pm
Keele Hall - Salvin Room
Refreshments from 5.30pm

The Postgenomic Condition:
Ethics, Justice, Knowledge After the Genome
Can Genomics Be Anti-Racist?

Professor Jenny Reardon, University of California, Santa Cruz

The lecture is free and open to all.

ILAS Grand Challenges Lecture

Keele Nursery will be open and free of charge for staff and students attending the lecture.

24 May 2019,

A one-day workshop.


Life in the Margins
Negotiating belonging and isolation in the asylum system.

Speakers include:
Kerry Moore (Cardiff University); Deena Dijani (LSE); Lucy Mayblin (University of Sheffield); and Ala Sirriyeh (University of Liverpool).

The event is free and open to all.

Please register to guarantee a place at:


For more information contact:

s.holohan@keele.ac.uk or 


25 June 2019

Is it possible to dismantle racism in education and, if so, how?

Speakers: Jason Arday (Warwick); Umit Yildiz (Edge Hill) and Professor Farzana Shain, Keele 

For more information contact:



Race Equality Charter - communication and consultation event

Wednesday 6 June, 2-4pm, Old Library, Keele Hall

The Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) Race Equality Charter (REC) aims to improve the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students within higher education.  The REC provides a framework through which institutions work to identify and self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers standing in the way of minority ethnic staff and students.  Click here to read more about the REC

On the 6 June the REC team held a consultation event open to all staff and students.  The session, led by Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Shane O’Neill, Dr Sammyh Khan (Co-chairs) and other members of the REC team, communicated key data and survey findings of race equality at Keele and shared with the group the work that has been undertaken so far. Highlights included the work of the BAME Staff Network, the success of the Race Equality Lecture Series, the launch of the staff and student Decolonising the Curriculum Network  and the development of promotional and information videos.

The event was a great success highlighting experiences at Keele and generating many ideas for potential actions to address inequalities. The REC Team will now use the suggestions to develop an ambitious and wide ranging action plan as part of the REC submission and to guide race equality work over the next 3 years.

PVC Professor Shane O'Neill presenting the work of the Race Eqaulity Charter self-assessment team to attendees

PVC Professor Shane O'Neill presenting the work of the Race Eqaulity Charter self-assessment team to attendees

The Race Equality Charter Lecture series consists of 14 lectures from December 2017 to June 2018 and was promoted as part of Keele University’s application to the Race Equality Charter. This was Keele University's first substantive institution-wide engagement with anti-racist scholar-activists. A total 14 speakers were invited with over 700 attendees. The objectives of the lecture series were firstly, to engage and connect students, staff and the wider public in as part of a wider anti-racist dialogue. Secondly, it was hoped to develop a bank of training materials by filming as many lectures as possible. I hope that you enjoy the lectures below. If you have any questions about the series, please do get in touch.

Dr Udeni Salmon, Research Associate,University of Keele

Email: u.salmon@keele.ac.uk


Event Title


Videos of the events

31 October 2017

REC Launch: Race in Higher Education

Dr Gurnam Singh,

Coventry University

Dr Gurnham Singh Lecture

31 October 2017

REC Launch: Intersectionality

Professor Iyiola Solanke,

Leeds University

Professor Iyiola Solanke Lecture

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Global Justice as Decolonization

Professor Shane O’Neill

Click here to read more from the Institute of Liberal Arts & Sciences and to view Professor O'Neill's lecture

Friday 8 December 2017


Race and the UK justice system – The Young Review, the Lammy Review and race Disparity Audit – will contemporary efforts to address long standing inequalities work?  

Mark Blake, Black  Training and Enterprise Group, Pentonville, London


16 January 2017, Keele Management School

Race Equality, SMEs and Entrepreneurship



Wednesday 21 February, School of Psychology

History in the service of politics: Constructing narratives of history during the European refugee crisis

Dr Steve Kirkwood


Friday 23 February 2018

"Inside the Ivory Tower: narratives of women of colour surviving and thriving inside British academia" - book tour



Optional Event :  Building an Anti-Racist Classroom

This is the opportunity to participate in workshop and exercises designed to assist PhD students and ECRs who want to counteract racism in the classroom.

Four of the academics who contributed to the book will be attending this event:

Dr Deborah Gabriel, Dr Marcia Wilson, Dr Josephine Khwali and Dr Jenny Douglas

Dr Angela Dy,  Dr Udeni Salmon, Dr Sadhvi Dar

Click here to view the Dr Deborah Gabriel event "Inside the Ivory Tower"

28 February 2018


UCU will be holding a day of action against workplace racism, and all UCU branches are organising events with the headline of ‘Decolonising Education-Why is my Curriculum White?’

Click the link below to see the full programme of speakers:

UCU Decolonising Education


Wednesday 7 March 2018  

Group status shapes evaluations of solidarity action by high-status group leaders in social justice efforts

Dr Aarti Iyer

Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield


Wednesday 21 March

The School of Law Guest Speaker Seminar:
'Race, Religion and Identity in the Middle-East'.
Prof Eyad Maher Dabbah (Queen Mary University of London, School of Law)  

Wednesday 21 March 2018   

Grand Challenges lecture:  The Betrayal of White Pupils

 Professor David Gilborn

Click here to view the lecture given by Professor Dabid Gilborn

Monday 16 April 2018


Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building

Black and British – A Forgotten History

Historian and broadcaster David Olusoga will explore the rich and revealing story of the long relationship between the British Isles and the people of Africa and the Caribbean, based on his award-winning book and TV series.

Keele Communities Together Logo

Supported by Keele Communities Together

David Olusoga is a British-Nigerian historian, broadcaster and film-maker. An award-winning presenter and documentary maker

Click here to view the lecture by David Olusoga

April 2018 - tbc, Moot Court, School of Law 

 Race and the UK justice system – The Young Review, the Lammy Review and race Disparity Audit – will contemporary efforts to address long standing inequalities work?  

Mark Blake, Black  Training and Enterprise Group, Pentonville, London


Wednesday 18 April

 “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – Understanding and working with race, equality, and diversity”

Professor Kiran Trehan, University of Birmingham

Click here to view the lecture by Professor Kiran Trehan

Saturday 21 April 

Decolonising the Curriculum

Lola Olufemi, Womens Officer, Student Union, University of Cambridge



Wednesday 25 April

BME experiences in higher education: social justice, inclusion and white privilege

 Professor Kalwant Bhopal, Professor of Education and Social Justice, University of Birmingham

Click here to view the lecture by Professor Kalwant Bhopal

Monday 14 May 2018, 10.00am-2.00pm

Students' Union, The Ballroom

Conference: Race and Racism in Contemporary Britain: national issues, local solution


The event is free to attend and there will be lunch and refreshments. However, you must register in advance

Click here to book your free place

Omar Khan from the leading Race Thinktank Runnymede Trust , Grantley Hayes founder of Wheeler Street Young Entertainers & Entrepreneurs in Action , Dr. Naomi Flynn from Reading University and Professor Farzana Shain, Keele University

Click below for full details:

Race & Racism in Contemporary Britain


Thursday 21 June 2018, location to be confirmed

Researching Racism – a look at methodology and undertaking research on discrimination within a prison setting. A short workshop will follow, looking at co-investigating in a large project

Dr Muzammil Quraishi, University of Salford

Click here to view the lecture by Dr Muzammil Quraishi

If you were unable to attend any of the Race Eqaulity Lecture Series you can view the speakers below:

Some 50 colleagues (staff and students) from across the university attended the official launch of the Race Equality Charter. The event was an opportunity to learn about how the University will be using the charter framework to drive cultural change in order to advance Race equality at Keele. Professor Shane O'Neill and Dr Sammyh Khan Co-chairs of the University's self-assessment team set out the aims of the charter which are around improving the representation, progression and success of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff and students. Professor Mark Ormerod, Deputy Vice-Chancellor reaffirmed the university's commitment to the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, recognising that progress on race, gender and other areas of equality is good for everyone, for the Keele community and for society more widely.

Professors Iyiola Solanke (Leeds University) and Gurnam Singh (Coventry University) gave thought provoking talks based on their professional and personal experiences, on which a panel comprising professor Farzana Shain and Dr Sue Sherman reflected and highlighted questions and challenges for Keele.

An interactive session led by Dr Udeni Salmon of KMS provided participants with an opportunity to discuss in groups what race equality means and how it relates to staff, students and the culture at Keele. Ideas were recorded and will be considered by the SAT and its subgroups which are supported by colleagues in HR and Student and Academic Services. Importantly, the launch event is the start of an ongoing dialogue on how we advance Race equality and we will keep colleagues updated on developments and opportunities to get involved.

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