A micro-aggression is an indirect or subtle everyday encounter which sends a hostile message to a person or group of people, just because they belong (or are perceived to belong) to a stigmatised or marginalised group. Microaggressions can be intentional or unintentional. 

It is the everyday comments we sometimes make without thinking, or think we are complementing someone, when really, we are causing offence. 

They may not seem like much and are sometimes brushed off, but constantly receiving this kind of treatment can be readlly draining and create feelings of isolation for people 

Keele University have created an informative video in which students share their experiences of microaggressions. 

After watching the video below, you might have realised that you have unintentionally contributed to a microaggression. It's important not to get defensive about this, but work to educate yourself on this so it can be avoided in the future. 

The video below was created as a collaborative piece between staff and students at the University.

The students came from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds and each underwent a reflective process prior to engaging with the creation of this video. 

We'd like to thank Cat Hallam and all students involved in making such an informative video. 

Keele University has created this video to explain microaggressions and the impact on students. We would like to thank Cat Hallam and all students involved in creating this video.

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