Good practice

Departmental Good Practice: Good practice at departmental level may depend upon particular circumstances, as there wil be a need to address issues pertinent to the department. For example, addressing issues relating to fieldwork may be important for one department but irrelevant to another.

When looking to adopt new practices it may be advisable to look at whether these practices have been adopted by similar departments who have achieved Athena SWAN awards. ECU have a published a digital resource of good practice initiatives

Quotes given by Athena SWAN panels on good practice from Keele departments include:

  • "phased return after maternity leave" School of Medicine and ISTM
  • "peer e-mentoring scheme for students" School of Psychology
  • "processes for overview of appraisals" Primary Care and Health Sciences
  • "policy of giving positions of responsibility to highly capable early-career staff and applies the university’s mentoring and appraisal schemes to encourage career development"  and "The school provides undergraduate research bursaries to students interested in academic careers."School of Physical and Geographical Sciences
  • "makes good use of role models" School of Life Sciences
  •  "Review of how well equality and diversity is embedded within the curricula, in particular with regards to inclusive curriculum design." - Computing and Maths
  • "Tandem maternity cover" - Pharmacy

AdvanceHE Athena SWAN panels like to see use of innovative good practice. However, it may be difficult to be innovative when so many people are applying for awards! What is clearly required is that good practice achieves measurable results.

AdvanceHE have published a number of reports linking Athena SWAN with improvements in good practice see for example:

Athena SWAN Charter for Women in science: measuring success 2011

Advancing women’s careers in STEMM: evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the Athena SWAN Charter