Family and work-life balance

Family Friendly Policies, Guidance and Provision

The University’s Family Friendly Policies are useful to those with caring responsibilities or those who are expecting to have a child / children. These include policies or information on family-related leave (maternity, paternity, adoption, parental and emergency leave), flexible and part-time working, Keeping In Touch (KIT) days (whilst on maternity, adoption or additional paternity leave) and childcare vouchers.

Keele Academic Resturner's Scheme for research-active women who are returning from maternity or adoption leave.

For UKRI funded students (and their supervisors), research staff and fellows: UKRI Guidance on Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave and Pay can be found within the Grant Terms and Conditions

The University has Keele Day Nursery (infants: 12 weeks - school age) and provision for School holiday Childcare  (children: 4 - 12 years). If you would like childcare please contact the nursery at your earliest opportunity. Within the University campus, baby changing facilities can be found on the ground floor of Chancellors building, at the Chapel and also at Keele Hall.

The University has a number of forums, which are accessible with a Keele login ID, some of which are particularly useful for families e.g. the 'For Sale' list has a 'Children's Items' list. There is also a 'Wanted' list, an 'Accommodation' list and others that might be of use.