Family and work-life balance

Family Friendly Policies, Guidance and Provision

The University’s Family Friendly Staff Policies (intranet - staff only) are useful to those with caring responsibilities or those who are expecting to have a child / children. These include policies or information on family-related leave (shared parental, maternity, paternity, adoption, parental and emergency leave), flexible and part-time working and Keeping In Touch (KIT) days (whilst on shared parental, maternity or adoption or leave).

Keele Academic Returner's Scheme is a positive action for academic staff who are returning from maternity or adoption leave (as the primary adopter).

The University supports a safe environment for nursing mothers, and has baby changing facilities located centrally on campus. For example, within the ground floor chancellors building, the SU Building, the Chapel and also at Keele Hall.

Private facilities are available for breast feeding or milk expressing in the following buildings:

  • David Weatherall 
  • Chancellor's Building 
  • Lennard Jones
  • Huxley Building
  • Keele Day Nursery

Should you wish to use any of the above facilities then please contact relevant School Offices, the local EDI lead, or your HR link Advisor. Restrictions on use apply to School staff and students in some areas for reasons of health and safety (e.g., in science buildings). In addition, to the facilities above, people are welcome to breast feed their infants across the campus restaurants and cafes.

The University supports students who are pregnant or require a leave of absence due to pregnancy and maternity. Students who are pregnant are advised to inform the Student Support Service who will be happy to offer all relevant support needed during the pregnancy. In addition support is provided for student parents

For UKRI funded students (and their supervisors), research staff and fellows: UKRI Guidance on Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave and Pay can be found within the Grant Terms and Conditions

Advance-HE has also produced guidance on Student Pregnancy and Maternity Implications for Higher Education Institutions, which outlines best practice in supporting students that are pregnant.

The University has Keele Day Nursery If you would like childcare please contact the nursery at your earliest opportunity. 

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