Web Links: Al and Si in Earth Sciences and Life Sciences

Links to websites or personal web pages related to any aspects of aluminium and silicon chemistry (geochemistry, biochemistry, etc.)

The Birchall Centre at Keele is home to academics whose general fields of research cover inorganic chemistry and materials science and straddle areas as seemingly diverse as sustainable energy, bioinorganic chemistry, catalysis, polymers, porous materials and surface science.

Dr Tamás Kiss, Professor of Chemistry, Head of Department, Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry University of Szeged, Hungary - Al(III) complexes of bioactive molecules. Thermodynamics of complex formation. Solution structure of complexes using spectroscopic and magnetic methods (UV-VIS, EPR, NMR, CD)

Dr Valerio Di Marco, assistant professor, Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Padova. Main research work focuses on metal-ligand (primarily Al(III) and Fe(III), although others are studied) complexation in aqueous solutions. Chelating agents are also investigated, along with the validation of electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry in the study of metal-ligand complexation equilibria.

L'Institut des Métaux en Biologie de Grenoble (The Institute of Metals in Biology of Grenoble) comprises 110 researchers and 40 Ph.D students from about twenty laboratories or groups from Grenoble. Research interests include metals in catalysis and biocatalysis; metals and the environment; and metals and health.

Keele Meetings on aluminium.

Silicon - Naturally occurring isotopes.