JD Birchall Memorial Lecture

In 2019 the JD Birchall Memorial Lecture will be given by;

Charles T Driscoll Jr

Syracuse University, New York, USA

Effects of acid deposition on the biogeochemistry and toxicity of aluminium and its recovery

Previous Lectures

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2001 Professor J Savory Aluminium and Cell Suicide: Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave.

2003 Dr JP Day A History of Aluminium in Human Disease.

2005 Professor DP Perl The Association of Aluminium and Neurodegnerative Disease (1980-2005). Personal Recollections and Future Perspectives.

2007 Professor TB Kinraide Personal Experiences Analysing the Interactive, Toxic and Ameliorative Effects of Aluminium Species and Other Ions.

2009 Professor S Sjöberg Chemical Speciation, Solubilities and Surface Complexation in Aqueous Al(hydr)oxide Suspensions.

2011 Professor SC Bondy Is the Aluminium in Your Drinking Water Safe?

2013 Professor T Kiss From Inorganic to the Biological Chemistry of Aluminium

2015 Professor Leon Kochian Plants do Some Surprising Things to Deal With Toxic Aluminium in the Soil!

2017 Professor Romain K Gheradi Macrophagic Myofasciitis: A Condition Caused by Aluminium Adjuvants