The Tenth Anniversary Keele Meeting on Aluminium, 2013

Illuminating and Elucidating Aluminium’s Exposome: From Geochemistry to Neurochemistry, From Microbe to Man.

Saturday 23rd February to Wednesday 27th February 2013

Venue: Norton Park Hotel, Winchester, England

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The Tenth Keele Meeting on Aluminium will be held at Norton Park Hotel close to the quintessentially English City of Winchester.

The local hosts are The Birchall Centre, Lennard-Jones Laboratories, Keele University, Staffordshire where the immediate contact is Professor Chris Exley

Aims of the Meeting

This is the Tenth Anniversary Meeting of the Keele Meetings and our aims over the past almost two decades have remained steadfastly to promote and communicate research into the myriad ways that aluminium impacts upon life. It is incredibly satisfying that we have come so far as to be able to announce the Tenth Meeting. This series of international meetings has been a success because of our collective need to communicate our research to an informed group of people who share a passion for aluminium, and in deed, for living in the Aluminium Age. Without such a group and this series of meetings there would be very few avenues through which aluminium research could be actively communicated and the subject would suffer should such a vacuum exist. The mantle of improving our knowledge about the natural history of aluminium would not be taken up by others and it would certainly not be supported by those with the most to gain from our efforts, the aluminium industry. So congratulations to all for bringing us now to our tenth meeting. I am resolved that it should be the most successful yet and that it should act as the platform for another ten meetings or more!

Submissions of new unpublished research are invited in all areas of aluminium (and silicon) research including;

  • Aqueous aluminium chemistry including its solubility and biological availability in the sea, lakes, rivers et c.
  • Aluminium geochemistry; including soil chemistry
  • Interactions of aluminium with micro-organisms
  • Interactions of aluminium in algae and plants
  • Interactions of aluminium with invertebrates and vertebrates
  • Human exposure to aluminium
  • Aluminium in human diseases
  • Analytical aluminium chemistry
  • Inorganic aluminium chemistry
  • Bioinorganic aluminium chemistry
  • Clinical aluminium chemistry
  • Aluminium biochemistry
  • Aluminium in biotechnology
  • Aluminium in food, cosmetics, drugs, vaccines, prosthetics etc.
  • Aluminium nanoparticles and nanotoxicity
  • Silicon in plants, animals and humans in health and disease

These are only suggestions. One of the key features of Keele Meetings is that there are no invited speakers and the Scientific Programme is entirely determined by the quality and breadth of the submitted abstracts for Platform and Poster presentations. The Keele Meetings have earned a reputation for the dissemination and discussion of high quality research. They are also highly informal and friendly events which help to foster new collaborations and new friendships within the disparate global aluminium research community.

We are all 'Living in the Aluminium Age'. Why not come to the Tenth Anniversary Keele Meeting on Aluminium in Winchester, England and tell us all about your experience with our infamous metal, aluminium!

Chris Exley.

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