Email List

At the Fourth Keele Meeting on Aluminium a request was made for an Email List which could be used to disseminate information on our researches etc. into Aluminium and Silicon. This List now has nearly 700 subscribers and is an extremely useful way of communicating with researchers worldwide on all aspects of our research. It is particularly useful in communicating information about new publications, new positions available in your research group and conference details, such as the Keele Meetings.

Suggested uses of the list include;

  1. Announcements of scientific meetings and seminars, eg. Keele
    Meetings on Aluminium.
  2. Announcements of new publications, papers, books etc.
  3. Calls for scientific collaborations in a specific research area.
  4. Calls for help on scientific issues such as experimental protocols.
  5. Announcements of research vacancies including PhD positions.
  6. Advertising of list members websites
  7. Sharing films and video relating to presentations or interviews

    If you have a suggestion for an additional use please ask first (send an
    email to ).

All the information you require on subscribing to the List and how to use the List can be found at the following website:

Please use the List respectfully. Do not use it to send unrelated items or to send bulk mailings. Use the List to advertise and provide a website link or email address in your message for respondents.

Any problems with the list should be reported in the first instance to me at

Chris Exley