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Welcome to the Bioinorganic Chemistry of Aluminium and Silicon research group website.

Our group is situated in the Lennard-Jones Laboratories in the Birchall Centre which started back in 1992 as the Unit for Inorganic Chemistry and Materials Science. It was the idea of the late Professor JD Birchall FRS OBE who along with Dr (now Professor) Chris Exley and Professor K Kendall FRS came to Keele University following the re-organisation of what was then the United Kingdom's largest chemical company, Imperial Chemical Industries, ICI.

Our Research

The Unit started off with three general themes, of which our group focus is Aluminium and Silicon in Biology. The group is lead by Professor Chris Exley and the current research themes within the group are varied, including metals and amyloids; biosilicification in plant species; human exposure to Aluminium, whether intentional (e.g. in antiperspirants or adjuvants) or unintentional; and hydroxyaluminosilicates.

Help to Support Our Research

We are extremely grateful to individuals and organisations that support our research by making unconditional financial donations towards our research.

These donations can remain anonymous or we are happy to acknowledge the support by naming the donor on our website. Please see the Help to Support Our Research page for more information.

Keele Meetings on Aluminium

Information is now online for the 12th Keele meeting on Aluminium, in 2017! The 12th Keele Meeting on Aluminium was held at the Pinnacle Hotel, Vancouver, Canada. The local hosts are the research group of Professor Chris Shaw at the University of British Columbia.

The 12th Keele Meeting Scientific Programme and Abstract Book are now available. Photos taken at the meeting are now available online!

Please be sure to keep checking the meeting pages as information will be updated continuously, as it becomes available.

Please Also Check Out the general Keele Meeting pages, for photos and programmes of past meetings!

Novel research presented at the Keele meetings is submitted to a Keele Issue of the Journal for Inorganic Biochemistry. This is not simply a conference proceedings; it is a regular issue in which all submissions are rigorously peer reviewed and edited. Please check our Keele Meetings web pages to check for updates, and for the latest Keele JIB issue, which is out now!