Philosophy - MRes

What is the nature of the mind? Do we have free will? Do we owe it to future generations to tackle climate change? Addressing issues of today, the past or what’s to come, philosophical questions are as relevant now as ever. On this research-focused course, you’ll engage in critical thinking, developing analytical and problem-solving skills that will enable you to understand, communicate and respond to different ideas and arguments effectively. Excellent preparation for further research or doctoral study, you’ll also be well placed for roles in business or government, marketing, policy-making, charitable organisations, education and training, or law.

Month of entry

  • September, January

Mode of study

  • Full time, Part time


Subject area

  • Philosophy

Fees for 2024/25 academic year

  • UK - Full time £9,800 per year. Part time £5,400 per year.
    International - £19,500 per year.

Duration of study

  • Full time 1 year, Part time 2 years

Why study Philosophy at Keele University?

Keele’s Philosophy Department has enjoyed a strong reputation since the 1950s and benefits from a wide-ranging portfolio of expertise
High staff-to-student ratio enhanced by small-group tutorials and a strong, inclusive research community
Cutting-edge research in metaphilosophy, history of philosophy, metaphysics of science, natural and social kinds, political theory, philosophy of mind and action, religion and the meaning of life
Home to the Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Kantian Research Centre (KOSAK), acknowledging our leading expertise in the area of Kantian studies within the UK and Europe
Leading academics from across the world present regularly at our Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures, annual Jean-Jacques Rousseau Lecture, annual conference, and other research events
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Image of Jonathan

"Having graduated with a postgraduate philosophy degree at Keele University, I couldn’t recommend this establishment highly enough. My supervisor gave me ample room to develop my own ideas, whilst challenging me to improve them in constructive ways. The team of professors also helped my studies greatly with true care, diligence and patience. And to be honest, all of the staff and students were highly focused on academic excellence, inclusivity, and challenging preconceptions equally. The general atmosphere was one I’ll truly miss. So, if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to study here, I strongly suggest that you take up a course at this University. It will bring the best out of you"

Jonathan, MRes Philosophy Graduate

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Keele Postgraduate Association

Keele University is one of a handful of universities in the UK to have a dedicated students' union for postgraduate students. A fully registered charity, Keele Postgraduate Association serves as a focal point for the social life and welfare needs of all postgraduate students during their time at Keele.

KPA interior

Hugely popular, the KPA Clubhouse (near Horwood Hall) provides a dedicated postgraduate social space and bar on campus, where you can grab a bite to eat and drink, sit quietly and read a book, or switch off from academic life at one of the many regular events organised throughout the year. The KPA also helps to host a variety of conferences, as well as other academic and career sessions, to give you and your fellow postgraduates the opportunities to come together to discuss your research, and develop your skills and networks.

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