Geoscience Research - MSc

Our MSc in Geoscience Research is distinctive in the UK Higher Education Sector as it aims to equip you with the advanced knowledge, technical skills and substantial 'hands on' research training in Geoscience to pursue a career in industry, academia or the public sector.

Month of entry

  • September, January

Mode of study

  • Full time, Part time


Subject area

  • Environment, Natural Sciences, Science

Fees for 2023/24 academic year

  • UK - Full time £10,000 per year. Part time £5,500 per year.
    International - £18,800 per year.

Duration of study

  • 1 year full time, 2 years part time

Please note: this course is no longer accepting applications from international students for September 2023 entry

This course is open for January 2024 entry for UK and International students

Why study Geoscience Research at Keele University?

Explore debates in sustainability and develop data science skills
Gain hands on experience by working on a project or an industrial placement
Develop a structured approach to the design and management of projects
Our research links provide the foundation for collaboration opportunities with institutions around the world
Develop scientific critique, writing and presentational skills appropriate for a career in research, academia or industry
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Rebecca, MSc Geoscience Research

"The MSc in Geoscience Research enabled me to develop many of the fundamental interdisciplinary skills required to go onto further research, as a large focus of the course was on developing the necessary research training skills"

Rebecca, MSc Geoscience Research

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Hannah, MSc Geoscience Research

"Along with a broad geological knowledge I also gained many transferrable skills that employers look for, such as project management, organisation, teamwork and health and safety""

Hannah, MSc Geoscience Research

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Hannah, MSc Geoscience Research

"The course provides a fantastic framework in which a student can learn the necessary skills to succeed not just at MSc level, but in any career path they choose to pursue"

Luis, MSc Geoscience Research

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Keele Postgraduate Association

Keele University is one of a handful of universities in the UK to have a dedicated students' union for postgraduate students. A fully registered charity, Keele Postgraduate Association serves as a focal point for the social life and welfare needs of all postgraduate students during their time at Keele.

KPA interior

Hugely popular, the KPA Clubhouse (near Horwood Hall) provides a dedicated postgraduate social space and bar on campus, where you can grab a bite to eat and drink, sit quietly and read a book, or switch off from academic life at one of the many regular events organised throughout the year. The KPA also helps to host a variety of conferences, as well as other academic and career sessions, to give you and your fellow postgraduates the opportunities to come together to discuss your research, and develop your skills and networks.

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