Human Geography and Sustainability Research - MA

To develop sustainable lifestyles, communities, environments and resources, we must first understand how we, as humans, interact with, modify and depend on our surroundings; and how these interrelationships vary spatially and temporally across and between locations. Accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and compliant with the research training requirements for ESRC PhD scholarships, our MA equips you with skills, knowledge and 'hands-on' experience of human geography and sustainability-related research to generate the new insight needed to make a positive difference to our world, now and for the future.

Month of entry

  • September

Mode of study

  • Full time, Part time


Subject area

  • Environment, Geography, Social Science

Fees for 2024/25 academic year

  • UK - Full time £11,000 per year. Part time £6,000 per year.
    International - £20,700 per year.

Duration of study

  • 1 year full time, 2 years part time

Why study Human Geography and Sustainability Research at Keele University?

Subject-specific and broad social science research training - accredited by the ESRC - develops wide-ranging research competencies useful in academic, policy and practice-based settings
Membership of the 'Geography and Environmental Studies' pathway of the ESRC North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership provides access to funding for outstanding students
Gain practical experience of 'live' research working with leading experts tackling society's greatest challenges - from mobility and inclusion to diversity and sustainability
Our 600 acre campus has become a ‘true Living Lab’, a testbed for a range of smart and sustainability-related initiatives
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Sector-leading in environmental education

At Keele we're leading the sector in sustainability, not just in our ambitions to become carbon neutral by 2030 but also through our teaching and our ground-breaking research into climate change and renewable technologies.

We are proud to be named Global Sustainability Institution of the Year (International Green Gown Awards, 2021), which demonstrates our commitment to embedding sustainability into all that we do.


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Keele Sustainability Hub

Containing space for academic work and technological companies, the Sustainability Hub acts as a focus for the research into, teaching of, and management of sustainability and green technology. Renewable energy sources are integrated into these buildings, incorporating: solar thermal; solar PV; climate control and underfloor heating; smart lighting systems; rainwater harvesting; ground source heat; bio-fuel woodchip burner; and wind turbine.

sustainability hub

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Keele Postgraduate Association

Keele University is one of a handful of universities in the UK to have a dedicated students' union for postgraduate students. A fully registered charity, Keele Postgraduate Association serves as a focal point for the social life and welfare needs of all postgraduate students during their time at Keele.

KPA interior

Hugely popular, the KPA Clubhouse (near Horwood Hall) provides a dedicated postgraduate social space and bar on campus, where you can grab a bite to eat and drink, sit quietly and read a book, or switch off from academic life at one of the many regular events organised throughout the year. The KPA also helps to host a variety of conferences, as well as other academic and career sessions, to give you and your fellow postgraduates the opportunities to come together to discuss your research, and develop your skills and networks.

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