I took a first degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry followed by a PhD in Medical Microbiology at Leeds University. My first teaching role was with the Open University teaching on their Biological Sciences modules and writing parts of a course text for a third level course on Infectious Disease (S320). I also worked at Bradford University, teaching microbiology, molecular biology, and genetics.

After moving to Stoke on Trent I taught the chemistry and biology Access to HE courses at Stoke on Trent College and completed a PGCE. This allowed me to go on to teach A level biology at St. Dominic’s Priory School.

I have been at Keele since 2016, first in the Medical School and since 2017 as a Foundation Year Life Sciences lecturer. I was awarded 
Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2019 and elected to member status of the Royal Society of Biology in 2021.

Research and scholarship

My PhD focussed on antibiotic resistant bacteria that produced enzymes (extended-spectrum beta-lactamases) that allowed these bacteria to break down the antibiotic ceftazidime.

My scholarship at Keele has focussed on how Foundation Year (FY) students experienced the sudden transition from face-to-face teaching 
to remote learning during the pandemic and how well FY students have a sense of belonging at Keele university.

I was also external examiner on Chester University’s Chemistry, Biology and Health Foundation Year programs from 2019-2023.


Foundation Year Modules:

FYO-00185 Practical and Academic Skills in Science
FYO-00197 Foundations of Life Sciences
FYO-00199 Advancing Life Sciences
FYO-00310 Introduction to Science and Sustainability B
FYO-00320 Advancing Life Sciences B
FYO-00318 Introduction to Life Sciences B


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