After re-taking my A levels and a gap year spent cleaning up in an operating theatre (yes, blood, guts and gangrene), I took a degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry at the University of Leeds.  There, in a Microbiology practical, I met my future husband.  We married during our PhD studies; mine was in Medical Microbiology, again at the University of Leeds.  I went on to teach at the University of Bradford and The Open University (OU). Having two children, both boys, diverted my career somewhat and over the next twenty years I had a variety of roles: OU associate lecturer, NHS smoking cessation advisor, further education lecturer in Chemistry, school teacher, private tutor, full-time carer, teacher at Keele University Medical School, and all too rarely, a lady who lunched.


Teaching involvement in current modules:

Foundation Year Modules

FYO-00034  Communication Skills for Scientists

FYO-00108  Academic Development

FYO-00125  People & Pathogens (Module Leader)

FYO-00139  Populations & the Environment (Module Leader)