Samantha Wilcox

Why did you choose to study this course at Keele?
I’d initially applied to Keele as my insurance offer, yet I missed out due to not getting the required grades. I was then offered to enrol on the foundation year, which was a no brainer with the green campus and the staff seemed as though they would help us when we needed.

What is your favourite part about the course? 
It provides skills needed within a degree so it feels like a slight head start on those going straight into an undergraduate degree. So, I feel as though there will be less hurdles to get used to when I progress onto the degree.
What is support like from staff within the Foundation Year?
The staff are all incredibly helpful by responding to any issues we present over email or in person, either giving us suggestions or directing someone who can help.

What further opportunities are you involved in outside of your course? 
Outside my course I’m part of the women’s rugby team which provides a sense of a family away from home as well as a group of people with experiences of their own in which they can pass on to me.
What are you career aspirations?
I plan to follow a route in either forensic or sport psychology due to personal interests in each field.
What is your advice to anybody considering studying a Foundation Year at Keele?
There seems to be a stigma around a foundation year, that makes it seem as if it for mature students
returning to education or those who flunked their exams. Whereas, I would say that despite this, it also provides you with key skills that can be applied to get the best out of your degree.