Please visit our student timetable page for support.

A complete list of all term time dates can be found here.

During term time, the academic day runs from 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday, except for Wednesday afternoons.

Note that for P/T students the academic day can be up to 9pm.

Timetable clashes will be resolved before teaching begins so please don’t worry; however, if you still have concerns about a clash, then please contact your school.

Please also find out more about our clash-checking process.

Please contact the school office that the module relates to.

Attendance at and absence from taught sessions can be logged using the Keele App, either on a smartphone or in a web browser. Click here to find out more about attendance and absence in the app. 

Find out more about the Keele App by clicking here.

Please visit our coronavirus web pages for information about returning to campus safely. 

 Please visit our page on how to find a room to view further information on this.

Many postgraduate masters students will be able to see their timetable from mid September, however some students may not see their full timetable until closer to the start of term.

Please have a look at our AccessAble guides to buildings on campus and contact disability support if you have any questions.

Some lectures will be available in pre-recorded video format for students to watch at any time. Students will be provided with instructions on how to access this content at the beginning of semester. If you have further queries regarding this, please your Teams hub or the module lead. If you have further issues log a call using Topdesk. 

Have you downloaded the Keele App or made sure it is up to date? Information on the App can be found here

The timetabling team are working hard to put your timetable together and we hope that these FAQs have helped. 

If you have any more questions, please email the timetabling@keele.ac.uk and we will do our best to help you.