Your personal student timetable

You can view your timetable in the KLE (explained below) or the Keele App (simply choose the 'timetable' tile).

To view your timetable in the KLE:

Visit and follow the sign-in prompt. 

Once your student page has opened, you can view your timetable by clicking 'student timetable'.


If you have any questions regarding the content of your timetable, please contact your School in the first instance.

If you are having difficulty accessing your timetable, please contact IT Services.

How is your personalised timetable created?

Your personalised teaching timetable is created in collaboration between the Schools and Timetabling. Preparation of the teaching timetable starts with the data collection process. This is followed by data creation on the central timetabling system and the allocation of all teaching activities to rooms across the campus. The final stage of this process is student allocation.

Timetabling starts the allocation of students to their teaching activities as soon as students’ data becomes available in our timetabling system.