How to register for modules

Returning from Study Abroad

Students that are returning into their next level of study after studying abroad for their 2nd year or who have studied abroad for semester 2 of their second year will NOT register for Options and/or Elective modules using eVision.

To ensure that you are not disadvantaged by any delays that may occur with ratifying your Study Abroad marks, by mid-May you will receive an email to your Keele account asking you to 'sign in' and complete an online form to register your Option and/or Elective module choices for 2022/23.

Your choices will be registered for you by the Student Services Centre team and will be subject to your 2nd year marks achieved whilst on Study Abroad being ratified by Keele.

You will still be required to re-register for 2022/23 using eVision and will be instructed to do so once your 2nd year marks have been approved.  If by this time, you have already submitted your Options and/or Elective module choices using the online form you will not be required to register these modules in eVision.