How to register for modules

New students

Module registration will open on 16 August 2021

Details about how to register, including a link to an online video tutorial which will show you how to complete the process, will also be available on this webpage when module registration opens for students.

Module Registration will open to students on the following dates:

Level 4: 16 August 2021
Level 5: 2 August 2021
Level 6: 2 August 2021

International students

If you are an International student and not a native speaker of English, or have received your education in a langauge other than English, you may be pre-allocated an English language module (ENL-) as one of your elective choices, to help build the academic English skills that you will depend on for success with your degree studies.

Finding out about the modules allocated to you

You will receive a final confirmation of your allocated option and elective modules for the academic year 2021/22 by email to your Keele email address no later than Sunday 26 September 2021.

Your provisional online timetable for your lectures will also be made available to you in eVision from late August and you will also be able to see which modules you have been allocated from this. Tutorial groups and seminars will not be released onto your online timetable until mid-September.

If there is a problem with the number of modules you have been allocated to or which modules you have been allocated you should visit the changing modules section of this site where you can complete a form or email the team to make the changes you need.

Once you have been allocated to the correct number and type of modules, we strongly encourage you to stick with your choices.  However, we appreciate that sometimes a module you have chosen is not as you expected or you may find you have a timetable clash so depending the teaching week you may be allowed to change.

You MUST register for ALL of your modules by NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 15 OCTOBER 2021 which is the end of the third week of teaching in semester 1.