How to register

Module Registration will open to students on the following dates:

Level 4: 21 August 2024
Level 5: 24 April 2024
Level 6: 24 April 2024

However, you can start to think about which modules you would like to study by researching your choices now

When researching your choices, please take care to balance your workload - we don't want you to have too much work in any one semester so look at when the modules are taught. For example, if within your degree, you take 8 x 15 credit modules - make sure you end up with 4 modules in each semester.

Remember, research your choices first

Use the tabs and links below to navigate to your degree pages, here you will see the details of all compulsory modules for your course along with information about any modules which you are required to choose. You will find module summaries for each module by clicking on the module codes.

By thoroughly researching your module choices now you will be in a better position to secure your first choice of modules as soon as the Module Selection process goes live on the date above.