Chief Investigator:

Prof Danielle van der Windt

Principal Investigator:

Dr John Bedson

Study Co-ordinator:

Mrs Kendra Cooke

Funder name / reference number: National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) School for Primary Care Research, Grant no. 210
UKCRN Study portfolio: 156728
Year 2014 - 2016

Study design

Feasibility study, consisting of workshops and interviews with patient representatives, primary care practitioners and other stakeholders, and a small prospective cohort study among patients consulting with musculoskeletal pain in general practice.

In general assessing short term pain trajectories to support prognosis and monitoring of response to treatment in primary care: validity and clinical utility of a smartphone or tablet application for recording medicines and pain.

Primary objective

To design and test a smartphone/tablet application (Pain Recorder) which allows individuals with musculoskeletal pain to daily record the intensity and impact of their pain alongside delivery of primary care treatment. Specific objectives are:

1) to test the validity of data collection using the Pain Recorder in patients with musculoskeletal pain;

2) to assess acceptability and clinical utility of the Pain Recorder; and

3) to develop methods for archiving and analysing data collected through the Pain Recorder.


All participants in the cohort study had received new prescriptions of an analgesic (NSAID) or opioid from a GP or nurse practitioner.