Welcome to the Impact Accelerator Unit

It takes on average 17 years for health and care research to get picked up in practice in the NHS. The Impact Accelerator Unit works towards closing this gap – so that people can benefit from the latest treatments quicker.

Our aim is to accelerate the uptake of research into practice, through knowledge mobilisation and research, to create an impact on the quality of health and care. We work with strong NHS networks and communities with high-performing individuals with a range of different skills working together in a multidisciplinary team. We support distributed leadership with mentoring as appropriate. We co-produce with inclusive patient and public involvement in all activities following best practices of research involvement and community engagement. The majority of our work is resourced through external funding and in collaboration with our health and care partners.

Krysia Dziedzic "At the heart of the IAU is its people, we share the same culture and values, we value partnerships, communication, respect, and we want to make a difference."

Professor Dziedzic, IAU Director