Chief Investigator:

Prof Christian Mallen

Study Co-ordinator: Prof Christian Mallen
Funder name / reference number: Arthritis Research Campaign Primary Care Doctoral Research Fellowship, Arthritis Research Campaign Primary Care Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
UKCRN Study portfolio: 5968
Year 2008-2016

Study design

Prognosis research: A strategic initiative in translational pathways (estimating the future course and outcomes amongst people with existing illness). The PROG-RES cohort offers a unique opportunity to describe the course and trajectory of musculoskeletal pain in older general practice consulters. Using a simple questionnaire, participants will be invited to complete longer term follow-up (a further 4 years). 

Primary objective

To determine the prognostic value of a brief assessment in adults aged 50 years and over presenting to general practice with musculoskeletal conditions.

Patients and professionals consider prognostic estimation and discussions about prognosis to be a central part of the general practice consultation for musculoskeletal pain.