Prognosis research projects


“To generate high quality evidence regarding the likely future course of a disease or health condition, with the aim to support patients’ and clinicians’ decision-making, improve patient outcomes, and increase efficiency of health care".

Researchers are members and co-founders of the PROGnosis RESearch Strategy (PROGRESS) group.

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Clinical Studies

NSAIDs - Trends in Prescribing of NSAIDs in patients with cardiovascular disease (CDVD) between 2002 and 2010.

CAM-PAIN - The Child and Adolescent Musculoskeletal Pain study.

OPIOID ANALGESICS - Risk of adverse events in patients with musculoskeletal pain prescribed long-term.

BREATHLESSNESS SYMPTOMS - The diagnostic and prognostic value of the symptoms of shortness of  breath in primary care.

CHEST PAIN IN PRIMARY CARE - Short term trajectories of symptoms and association with long term cardiovascular outcomes.

STAMP - Assessing short term pain trajectories to support prognosis and monitoring of response to treatment in primary care: validity and clinicalutility of a smartphone or tablet application for recording medicines and pain.

CANDID - CANcer DIagnosis Decision rules study.

COPD - Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Randomised trial and cohort studies.

Methodological Studies 

PROG-RES - Prognosis research: A strategic initiative in translational pathways.

OPTIMISING OUTCOME  -  Prediction in primary care : using longitudinal data in prognosis research.

PREP - Prediction model for Risk of complications in Early onset Pre eclampsia: Development and and validation. A cohort study.

Meta-analyses and systematic reviews

Plantar heel pain and Achilles tendinopathy - Comparative effectiveness oif treatment options :  a systematic review and a network meta-analysis.

PROGNOSTIC FACTOR MEASUREMENT - Systematic review of clinical credibility of prognostic models for musculoskeletal pain and disorders in general practice.

MULTIVARIATE META-ANALYSIS - Multiple correlated outcomes: development and application of methods with empirical investigation of clinical impact.

Accuracy of clinical characteristics, biochemical and ultrasound markers in the prediction of pre-eclampsia: Individual Participant Date (IPD) Meta-analysis

QUIDS - Quantitative Fibronectin to help Decision-making in women with Symptoms of Preterm Labour 

iWIP - Effects of weight management interventions on maternal and fetal outcomes in pregnancy

Biomarkers for the treatment of cancer - Methods for Evaluating Predictive Biomarkers: Systematic review and methodology research

ROCkETS - Refining Ovarian Cancer Test Accuracy Scores: Systematic review and  Individual Participant Data (IPD) analysis.