CASF (Clinical Assessment Study of the Foot )

Chief Investigator:

Funder name / reference number: Arthritis Research UK Programme Grant (18174)
UKCRN Study portfolio: 8257 (18 month and 3 year Follow up)
Year 2010-2014

Study design

Prospective observational cohort. Adults aged 50 years and over at time of baseline survey (2010/11); responded to Health Survey; self-reported foot pain in 12 months prior to Health Survey; consented to further contact; ; attended research clinic, for clinical interview and foot assessment, lower extremity function tests, plain x-ray of the feet and hands. Postal questionnaire follow-up at 18 months, three years and 54 months.  Postal questionnaire and clinical assessment follow-up is planned at six years.

Primary objective

To investigate the long−term course of foot pain and foot osteoarthritis in community-dwelling adults aged 50 years and over.

1. To describe the frequency and pattern of radiographic OA in the joints of the foot.
2. To relate the occurrence of radiographic foot OA to foot pain and disability, foot deformities, footwear and soft tissue problems.
3. To determine the factors that predict clinical deterioration over time, for example, radiographic OA, footwear characteristics, pain/OA at other joint sites, psychosocial factors.
4. To identify which subtypes of foot pain are presented to primary care and diagnosed in this setting.
5. To describe the patterns of self-care and primary health care use for foot OA.
6. To model the effects of care on the outcome of severe foot pain.