Stratified Care - workpackage 1(KAPS)

Chief Investigator:

Prof Nadine Foster

Principal Investigator:

Prof Kate Dunn

Study Co-ordinator:

Stephanie Tooth

Funder name / reference number: NIHR Programme grant for applied research (PGfAR)
UKCRN Study portfolio: ID: 16869
Year 2014 - 2016

Study design

Prospective cohort survey in Primary care.

This is Workpackage 1 of the NIHR Stratified Care Programme Grant.

Study population: 1897 Patients who have consulted their GP about a back, neck, shoulder, knee or multi-site pain at 14 GP practices in Central England received a questionnaire at baseline (shortly after consultation) and further questionnaires at 2 and 6 month follow-up.

Primary objective

To externally validate and refine a prognostic tool (Keele STarT MSK Tool) designed to classify patients with the most common musculoskeletal pain conditions (back, neck, shoulder, knee or multi-site pain) to low, medium or high risk of poor outcome.