Postgraduate Research at Keele

Every Keele Postgraduate Research (PGR) student is assigned to one of the five Research Institutes (RI). The RIs are the key administrative, academic and support units for students. Although all PGR students are governed by the same regulations and framework for research degrees, the RIs are individually responsible for ensuring that students are supported and able to adhere to the rules governing their programme.

In conjunction with the RIs, the Directorate of Planning and Academic Administration (PAA) maintains central records of PGR students' progress, examinations and awards. These pages primarily relate to matters that are dealt with centrally. Use the sub-menu links on the left-hand-side of this page to navigate through information for current students on matters that are handled by PAA and other central services.

Your supervisor and other colleagues in your Faculty Research Office/Research Institute will be able to provide help and support as you continue with your research - see Contacts and Support

Below is a selection of resources that PGR students might find helpful.

Student Support Services

The University provides a number of services to help students with their health and well-being:

Learning & Teaching Services

There are a number of Learning & Teaching services that PGR students can access:

Finance-related Services

The University's Finance Office has a number of departments which may be of use to PGR students:

Other useful links

There are other services offered by the University which PGR students might find helpful

External organisations

There are a range of external organisations that PGR students might find helpful:

  • Vitae is a national organisation set up to provide support for training for all postgraduate researchers.
  • EURAXESS-UK in conjunction with the European Union and the British Council helps researchers looking for jobs and funding opportunities
  • British Federation of Women Graduates provides graduate women living in England, Scotland and Wales with information, support and friendship, at local, regional, national and international levels
  • Research Councils UK is the overall body which co-ordinates information about all the Research Councils.  From this site you can access the addresses of all the different Research Councils