Established in 2020

Our mission is to ensure postgraduate staff and students are consistently provided with a high-quality experience, acting as a bridge between central and Faculty support functions; ensuring researchers feel a part of their Faculty and the Doctoral Academy community.

The KDA aims to:

  • Enhance the experience of research students and staff by providing opportunities to connect with the wider population of postgraduate researchers and university groups; stimulating a pro-active and cross collaborative research community
  • Inspire and promote best practice across Faculties, ensuring a fair and transparent offering to all
  • Continuously review, monitor and develop the systems and processes used by (and for) postgraduate research students and staff
  • Utilise expertise from across the University to enrich doctoral training and research staff skill sets
  • Develop and publicise events and training with a particular focus on postgraduate research
  • Signpost central support functions, resources and funding opportunities relevant to researchers

Contact us

Keele Doctoral Academy
Tawney Building
Keele University
Staffordshire, UK

Tel: +44 1782 734289 or 734215



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