Students, the University is aware that many of you have concerns about COVID-19, specifically its possible impact on your postgraduate research degree programme.  

We have prepared a list of questions and answers that may arise during this unsettled period and they have been published here.  

The hope is this will address concerns some of you may have regarding:

  • Progress reviews
  • Viva arrangements
  • Training and research activities
  • Timelines/deadlines
  • International student registers and more

Other information such as IT support and how to access your files remotely etc, can be found on the main student coronvirus pages here.

If you are worried, struggling financially or have concerns of a more personal nature, our student support team are still here to help you: please visit 


Research without a lab 2

Isolation measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 means that social researchers who conduct face-to-face fieldwork (interviews, focus groups, participant observation, ethnographies etc) are now faced with the challenge of either delaying or re-inventing their methods so that they can continue their research until these measures are relaxed.

This crowdsourced document provides a space for people to share their methods for doing fieldwork in a pandemic - specifically, ideas for avoiding in-person interactions by using mediated forms that will achieve similar ends.
Table of contents
  • Photo/Video/Voice Elicitation
  • Diaries/journaling
  • Re-enactment Videos
  • Using Wearable Cameras (and other first-person perspective tech)
  • Epistolary Interviews
  • Online Discussion Platforms
  • Cultural/Mobile Probes
  • The Story Completion Method
  • App-based Methods
  • Using Google/Microsoft Forms for Data Collection
  • Autoethnography 
  • Netnography/Virtual Methods
  • Digital Methods and Quali-Quant analysis 
  • Using YouTube (and Online Video) for (Teaching) Observational Studies 
  • Experimenting with Online Live Action Role Play (O-LARPs) 
  • Using YouTube for observational studies 

To view click below:

Crowdsourced document initiated by Deborah Lupton (@DALupton, on 17 March 2020.


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