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Student Council and Societies

Medical Student Council

We aim to represent the views of every medical student at Keele.

We meet three times per year, discussing issues and concerns raised by students. We then work with senior medical school staff to make changes to the way the school runs, in order to make things better for you! We have previously been consulted on matters such as travel bursaries, so the decisions we make are very relevant to you.

Medical student societies

HIVE Keele - is a brand new HIV Education charity based at Keele University. A branch of Support for international Change. We aim to teach local high school-age children in order to raise awareness of HIV. We aim to fundraise to support our teaching as well as awareness campaigns in our sister charity in Tanzania. Also to send volunteers to teach in these underserved areas of need in Tanzania.

We run revision sessions, both with prosections and models.

The GP society is a interactive society formed by a group of students with a keen interest in general practice. It encompasses a wide range of events, socials and research events each year to include career’s evenings at RCGP in London, RCGP focus group research and poster presentation and case presentation nights. The GP society has a keen interest in teaching, and focuses work shop teaching evenings on GUM, ENT and other topical GP subjects. It works closely with other GP societies to put on popular guest speaker evenings.

Keele Global Health Medsin

The Keele branch of the national group, Medsin. Medsin is a grassroots student network focused on global health equity. It includes students from all backgrounds—Medicine, Law, Humanities, Life Sciences, Pharmacy, and so on. Anyone who has an interest in global health and equality is welcome. Its vision is "A fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all". Its mission is "To create a network of students empowered to effect tangible social and political change in health on a local, national and global level through education, advocacy and community action".


Marrow are the student group who work with Anthony Nolan.  We work to raise awareness of blood cancers, raise vital funds for Anthony Nolan’s work and recruit potential bone marrow donors to the register.  Marrow are in over 45 universities across the country.

Marrow was established in 1997 at Nottingham by a group of students.  Their friend required a life-saving bone marrow transplant, they held a one off event and Marrow was established.

50% of people cannot find a match, that is why it’s so important we do the work we do.  If you want to volunteer for Marrow email, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @KeeleMarrow.

Keele Medical Academics & Research Society (KMARS) is a new society that has been set up this year in association with the Keele INSPIRE scheme. We are affiliated with the National Student Association of Medical Research (NSAMR) and our aim is to give students an insight into the academic side of medicine.

A key part of our society will be the "portfolio building" activities that students can do and we will run "how to..." workshops to give students information on doing clinical audits, finding good research papers, getting involved in summer studentships, and such like. By doing so, we hope to open up opportunities for students to get involved in research projects, clinical audits, summer studentships, poster presentations and conferences.

We are open to events that students may want, so please do get in touch if there is anything in particular that we can organise to help you!

Keele Medical Charity Society (KMCS) hold multiple fundraising events throughout the year to support local charities in the Staffordshire region.

Keele Medical Education Society was established in 2010 to enhance peer-teaching and contribute to the development of undergraduate medical education. As a society we aim to:

  • Organise and provide high quality peer taught sessions to all years
  • Improve the quality of peer teaching through the provision of staff-led workshops and peer feedback
  • Raise awareness of opportunities in medical education research

Becoming a peer-teacher with KMES also provides students with the opportunity to get involved with teaching at an early stage and develop this essential skill for use in future practice.

Keele Medical Society (KMS) is the longest-running medical society at Keele. It aims to bring medical students together outside of the medical school. We have over 400 members who all enjoy attending the many events that we organise. The events provide an arena for socialising between all years and maintaining a good work-life balance. One of the most popular events we organise is the Annual Pyjama Pub Crawl around Newcastle-under-Lyme, which allows first years an opportunity to get to know each other and integrate with other years. The Christmas Ball is another opportunity to relax from the pressures of medicine and celebrate the festive season. Alongside these events, we have many socials throughout each semester. Feel free to visit our facebook page to find out more.

MedPath is a student-led organisation that aims to aspire, encourage and support school-aged students through the application to medicine. We aim our efforts at those who are otherwise unlikely to get the support and encouragement that they need. We do this by holding events in schools, at the hospital and in the medical school including application and personal statement workshops, practical clinical skills and PBL cases. We also support HE fairs and school health societies.

Affiliated with Neuroscience & Neurosurgery Student Interest Group - NANSIG.

Our aim is to reach out to students with an interest in neurology and/or neurosurgery and to encourage new interest in the subject area.

We plan to do this by enlightening students as to the importance of neurosciences, clinical neurology and neurosurgery within both scientific and medical fields.

Join the Keele Neurology Society today for access to a variety of talks and events including:

  • Career Talks: Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Journal clubs
  • Neuroanatomy teaching sessions
  • OSSE/OSCE teaching sessions taught by experienced clinical medical students

Keele Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society aims to:

  • Inspire and enthuse students about a career in O&G
  • Organise events that give an insight into a career in O&G, with opportunities to meet professionals in the field
  • Allows medical students with shared interests to connect with each other, as well as with healthcare professionals within this field
  • Provide teaching for upper years to help build on their knowledge of this field of medicine

Keele Organ Donation Society (KOD) is a new society that aims to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation within Keele. We also aspire to get more students to sign both the organ donation register and the opt-out petition.

There are opportunities to get involved in the society through fun events during the year.

Contact us on:
Like our Facebook page for more information and regular updates: 
Opt-out petition:

The society was set up in 2014 for medical students to get involved in this field of medicine. The society aims to host lectures from those currently working in the field, skills based seasons and build a network of contacts in paediatric hospitals both in the UK and abroad.

Our objective is to provide education and training to Medical Students, Nursing Students, Paramedics, First Responders and anyone else with an interest in Pre-Hospital and/or Emergency Medicine.

For those interested in Sport & Exercise Medicine, Orthopaedics, Respiratory Medicine, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine or General Practice, this society will have something for you. We will provide a diverse range of lectures and practicals from selected guest speakers for all to enjoy.

With a £4 yearly membership you gain free access to all lectures, certificates for your portfolios, and a chance to meet and network with enthusiastic and like-minded people who are interested in a career in SEM.

For more information, contact Eddie Smith (President) at

Founded in 2007 we are one of the largest and oldest medical societies at Keele. We aim to support and encourage students interested in a career in surgery or who wish to develop their surgical skills.

We are supported by our honorary president Mr RM Kirby, Consultant general surgeon and UHNM hospital dean. Our current chair is Cara Jenvey who is a fifth year student.

We run a variety of sessions and schemes throughout the year including:

  • Lectures and skills workshops from a variety of surgical specialties.
  • Information on training pathways.
  • How to build a strong surgical portfolio at medical school.
  • ‘Near Peer’ mentoring scheme.
  • Online resources in our members area including exam questions and useful external resources.
  • Up to date information on external surgical conferences.

We are also the only medical society to teach surgical skills to Keele students. These are extremely useful skills to develop to make the most of your time in theatre or in A&E.

We offer various skills sessions including:

  • Interrupted, continuous, mattress sutures
  • Subcuticular suturing on specialist skin pads
  • Knot tying
  • Drain insertion and stitch
  • Scrubbing up (In theatre session)


Keele Teddy Bear Hospital Society

Teddy Bear Hospital is a nationwide scheme involving societies across many UK medical schools, with an aim to increase the exposure of young children to doctors and hospitals. With this in mind we teach primary school children some of the roles they may be exposed to when visiting a healthcare professional, as well as teaching them about important health topics.

Keele Medical School's Teddy Bear Hospital has been sponsored and supported by the West Midlands Academic Health and Science Network (WMAHSN), which enabled us to expand from the original scheme to now include a junior scheme. This has been recognised by the local UHNM hospital and is integrated in their widening participation schemes.

What do we do?

  • We visit around ten local primary schools
  • We offer two educational schemes: Original Teddy Bear Hospital (Reception and Year 1) and The Junior Health Society (Years 5 and 6)
  • Interactive stations ranging from hygiene, healthy eating, and operations, to dementia awareness, living with a disability, and many more!
  • Small groups of children will rotate around each station, which are led by a mixture of healthcare students and others who want to be involved and are DBS checked
  • Wednesday afternoons, usually lasting two hours. We provide transport

Who can get involved?Keele Teddy Bear Hospital Society

  • Anybody interested in improving their communication skills with children
  • Anyone interested in working in paediatrics (children)
  • Anyone looking for a new challenge
  • After each session you will receive a certificate
  • Plenty of opportunity to get more involved in charity events, supporting and improving our schemes

To raise awareness of tropical medicine and infectious diseases, which currently is a marginalized area of the medicine curriculum. To encourage infectious diseases and tropical medicine as a career, and to facilitate networking with leading members of the specialty. To assist and encourage students to undertake their elective in resource poor countries and countries where tropical diseases are endemic.

KUPS is a society for students interested in mental health and for exploring the fascinating world that surrounds psychiatry.

The Psych Soc will help students to share experiences of psychiatry, promote psychiatry and support those students who wish to pursue psychiatry as a career.

Keele University Psychiatry Society Aims

  • to promote Psychiatry as a career choice and to encourage those already considering Psychiatry to pursue a career in the profession.
  • to educate medical students in the various areas of Psychiatry by having a wide range of guest speakers to give lectures.
  • to inform the student body of relevant Psychiatric events happening throughout the UK and keep them up to date with Psychiatry in the news and media.
  • to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health within the medical school and the wider community by working closely with mental wealth and other mental health charities.
  • to provide an educational support to medical students by means of revision sessions and OSCE practice.

Sexpression:Keele is the Keele branch of the national student-led network Sexpression:UK which aims to empower young people to make informed choices about their Sexual Health and Relationships by providing Sex and Relationship Education in local schools, through local and national advocacy on sexual health and education issues and by running health promotion events on campus, such as handing condoms out in the students union. There are also opportunities to get involved with advocacy and education on a national level through Sexpression's national conference which is held in medical schools around the country.


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