Coordinator: Penelope Ad List Room: N/A Tel: +44 1782 7 34692
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Level: Level 4
Credits: 120
Study Hours: 1200
School Office: 01782 733928

Programme/Approved Electives for 2022/23


Available as a Free Standing Elective






Barred Combinations


Description for 2022/23

The course comprises 3 phases: Phase 1: Year 1 & 2, Phase 2: Year 3 & 4 , Phase 3: Year 5. This module (Year 1) forms the first part of the 2 year Phase 1. There is an emphasis on learning the fundamentals of biomedical, behavioural and social sciences and some basic clinical skills.. You will have a programme of activities and half day placements across both primary care, secondary care and third sector providers. Included in these placements will be a longitudinal GP placement where you will build up your consultation skills with personal support from a GP tutor.

There is an emphasis on the foundations of biomedical, behavioural and social science knowledge and scholarship skills, embedded in a framework of clinical placements and basic clinical skills.

Talis Aspire Reading List
Any reading lists will be provided by the start of the course.

Intended Learning Outcomes

List of ILOs: 1,2

Study hours

Indicative breakdown:
Lectures 143 hours
Seminars/workshops 43 hours
Problem Based Learning 66 hours
Anatomy 60 hours
Laboratory Sessions 50 hours
Skill Sessions 25 hours
Placements 36 hours
Independent Learning 777

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Mixed Exam weighted 98%
Written Knowledge (cumulative testing)
The assessment will be split into 3 assessment points across the year with a final cumulative mark for the year. The assessment will comprise Single Best Answer questions (SBA) and short answers questions known as Key Feature Problems (KFP).

2: Report weighted 2%
Academic Mini Review (AMR)
Students are assigned to a supervisor and conduct a literature based review of a topic of their choosing relevant to medicine. The output is a 1000 word written report.